Discover all the possible integrations for Iterable

Discover all the possible integrations for Iterable

Connect Iterable with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Iterable data.

Iterable is a software focused on growth marketing and expanding the life-time customer value. With Iterable integrations, users can enhance the experience of every unique customer they encounter. It allows growth marketers to segment subscribers, examine different marketing strategies, and build workflow without the assistance of an engineer or a programmer.

With the help of several Iterable features, brands and organizations can integrate their marketing channels to serve their target audience in a better way.

Starting with the Iterable catalog, it allows the brands to offer relevant content according to the distinctive and unique requirements of each and every customer. The intelligence suite of Iterable supports auto-responders and latest machine learning techniques like send-time, channel, and frequency optimization features that send targeted emails and direct messages in perfect amount and at just the right time to discourage communication overload.

With Iterable, users can personalize their cross channel marketing, and they also have the option to send web push, mobile, and in-app notifications along with emails and SMS, and they all work together smoothly.

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With Iterable, brands can engage new customers, improve user experience, and maintain better relationships with their audience by employing the omnichannel strategy.

The Iterable program supports hundreds of millions of users while satisfying the unique requirements and preferences of each and every user. Iterable software has a high processing speed and low latency so users can perform tasks like depositing or exporting their campaign data for segmentation easily.

Brands can retrieve both first and third parties, real-time user, demographics, behavioral, and custom event data to create personalized messages and drip campaigns across all channels. The users can deposit data from any virtual source. They can also send data through APIs and webhooks to any third-party integrations.

Growth marketers can also store dynamic content like in-session behaviors, user-event data, and user characteristics to understand and manage their clients readily. They can also segment their clients and create a specific lookalike audience by sending targeted messages, emails, and drip campaigns and also retarget clients on social media.

Iterable’s innovative partners offer world-class integrations for the users, which include live video emails, AI-powered copy optimizations, augmented reality experiences, and location-based messages.

Iterable also helps brands understand how clients interact with their mobile apps. They can engage the attention of a potential client through contextual targeting, and with the software, they can send messages through push, in-app notifications, SMS, and mobile inbox.

Another essential feature of Iterable is that it allows the users to build queries in the catalog, so distinctively customized content can be provided for every unique client.

Iterable also provides access to custom reports and dashboards, enabling the growth marketers to keep an eye on their marketing analytics, critical metrics, and all the essential performance indicators, which include unique open rates, total app uninstalls, and revenue.

The service also has several security features that ensure the protection of every user’s content. Features like SSO/SAML, privacy compliance, account provisioning, and access control keep every bit of content secured. Businesses can integrate Iterable in their technology infrastructure to bring all their marketing efforts together under one roof for streamlining operations.

Iterable features:

  • Content Catalog

    The service offers a content catalog providing businesses with enough options to deliver unique content according to customer segmentation.

  • Data Analytics

    Iterable brings complete insight into user behavior and preferences helping business understand their target audience and devise a better strategy.

  • Customized Notifications

    With Iterable, businesses have the option to choose between different ways they can use to send notifications to their customers.

  • Robust Integrations

    Iterable integrations help brands to bring everything together to improve their financial and operational efficiencies for better ROI.


Discover all the possible integrations for Iterable

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