Discover all the possible integrations for Mautic

Discover all the possible integrations for Mautic

Connect Mautic with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Mautic data.

Mautic platform is an open-source efficient email marketing automation tool that enables companies to manage all their marketing activities and grow business.

The importance of email marketing for business growth and development is undeniable, therefore, a similar email marketing automation tool will be a perfect solution for SMB companies as well as for large organizations that strive to make email marketing activities even more effective.

Mautic email marketing platform enables personalized communication and email marketing activities for business development. Mautic integration allows businesses to collect important data, optimize the campaigns based on it, get the reports to evaluate results, and get insight for further improvements.

Mautic integration enables the creation of automated campaigns with ease. A simple and flexible builder allows companies to send emails, text, mobile, and web messages in just a few clicks. Create effective and engaging emails with already existing templates or create an email from scratch to grab leads or customers’ attention.

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Mautic platform makes it possible to track visitors’ behavior on a website to understand them better and adjust all marketing activities to achieve tangible results.

It makes it even possible to adjust landing pages that will be relevant to the target audience and will result in better conversion.

Mautic email marketing automation platform enables communication with the audience based on their preferences and interests to ensure ultimate campaign success.

Nurture leads with personalized messages, easily run A/B tests to see what works for a company, measure results, and keep improving all Mautic email marketing practices. Launch email campaigns within minutes and concentrate on other business-related tasks.

Analyze real-time engagement to come up with more personalized and relevant content on a website as well as in emails to deliver the most attention-grabbing message that will drive sales.

With Mautic email marketing, any company can feel free to integrate the platform with other business-related tools and solutions.

Before getting started, it’s advised to check out Mautic integration detailed guide that will let get a better understanding of the platform and get the full use of all the features for taking a business to the next level.

Mautic integration with LeadsBridge will give a company an extended features list for better performance and more options for marketing activities optimization and control.

Mautic features:

  • Marketplace Available

    A convenient marketplace makes it possible to access all the variety of extensions that will make the platform even more highly-performing. Simply browse the marketplace and download the extension needed.

  • International Tool

    The Mautic platform is translated to over 35 world languages. Even if English is not a native language, employees will be able to use the one they are comfortable with for better performance.

  • Marketing Cloud

    This feature allows a team to automate and personalize the customer lifecycle as well as to measure the effectiveness of all marketing activities. There is a chance to assess email campaigns in one single place and save time.

  • Flexible Design

    The Mautic platform offers businesses a modern-looking and flexible design and lets them freely and easily perform all daily marketing tasks and get better results.


Discover all the possible integrations for Mautic

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