Discover all the possible integrations for ActiveDEMAND

Discover all the possible integrations for ActiveDEMAND

Connect ActiveDEMAND with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your ActiveDEMAND data.

ActiveDemand is an effective marketing automation platform that has all the powerful tools and features to launch converting marketing campaigns with ease and get better results.

Automated marketing activities allow businesses to achieve success faster and increase sales. In this case, the ActiveDemand automation platform will be a perfect solution for SMB as well as for large companies that want to make their efforts more converting and profitable and save a team’s time and effort.

ActiveDemand integration allows companies to create eye-catching and even dynamic emails with a simple drag-and-drop editor. The library with images and pre-designed templates is available to make this process even more convenient in use. A team will be able to assess the success of a campaign with reports that include open rate, clicks, and other metrics. The message will be sent at the right time as ActiveDemand automation will analyze the average open time.

With ActiveDemand integration, a team will be able to enhance their marketing efforts with stunning landing pages. These pages are dynamic, and they will adapt to the visitor and help increase engagement. A landing page is mobile responsive and will look perfect on any device.

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ActiveDemand integration also enables companies to use behavioral segmentation software to create various audiences and come up with the most personalized strategy to drive more sales.

To maximize their effectiveness, users can add personalized exit-intent popup. Create a specific popup for a particular audience and inject a company logo. Increase conversions and make quick changes to improve a popup window.

In addition, it’s possible to create eye-catching web-forms to capture more visitors’ data and use it for future marketing activities. With a convenient drag-and-drop builder, a team will be able to create contact pages, polls, event registration, etc. A company will be able to get honest feedback with surveys to optimize the processes and increase customer satisfaction.

The lead scoring feature allows a company to track visitor behavior, define what leads should be a team’s priority to spur them for purchase.

The service can integrate with various social media accounts so a team can take care of their social presence as well. It’s possible to schedule posts, create converting campaigns, and build loyal relationships.

With this platform, effective event management is also possible. ActiveDemand will facilitate the event organization process, promote it, collect registrations, and remind about an event.

ActiveDemand integration with LeadsBridge is a great solution for a company that will open access to various additional tools and features that will enhance the results and facilitate the workflow.

ActiveDEMAND features:

  • Multivariate Testing

    Instead of a regular A/B testing, a team can conduct a test with an unlimited number of elements to quickly optimize campaigns with ActiveDemand automation and see what works for customers.

  • Dashboard and Reports

    Users can get a deep insight into all activities through a dashboard, automate reporting, create real-time alerts to get the most of the ActiveDemand automation platform.

  • Diverse Integrations

    ActiveDemand and Pipedrive integration are possible as well as integration with other most widely used platforms and services to keep a team productive and efficient.


Discover all the possible integrations for ActiveDEMAND

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