Discover all the possible integrations for Salesmanago

Discover all the possible integrations for Salesmanago

Connect Salesmanago with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 370 integrations to get the most out from your Salesmanago data.

SALESmanago is an omnichannel marketing platform that enables companies to launch effective campaigns, attract new leads, nurture them, and drive more sales.

Effective marketing activities are the core aspect that defines business development and growth. Taking care of it and creating a proper well-performing marketing strategy is obligatory for the ultimate success.

Integration of marketing SALESmanago automation platform for businesses is an effective solution that will help maximize leads reach, increase ROI, and take marketing activities to the next level. It will be suitable for any SMB company as well as for large corporations and enterprises that can fully benefit from various features available.

SALESmanago integration gives access to a wide database where a company can keep all the data about customers to make marketing campaigns more personalized. Behavioral and transactional data will be easily processed in real-time. With dynamic customer segmentation, it will be possible to create a target audience and send relevant messages at the right time. Also, a team can manage contacts and communication with each client on each stage.

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With SALESmanago integration, a team will be able to create stunning and high-converting emails with increase CTR, OR, and will generate more conversions and sales. There are hundreds of pre-designed templates available that a team can choose from to save time and effort. Creating responsive emails will be possible in just a few clicks with a convenient and simple drag-and-drop editor. Marketing SALESmanago automation enables to send email campaign automatically so a team can concentrate on more important tasks.

After SALESmanago integration, a company will be able to generate more leads through more effective engagement with visitors. Create eye-catching landing pages, personalized forms, and popups to attract new people, keep track, and save history about even anonymous visitors. Web push notifications with tailored specific offers will be an additional trigger that will spur visitors to take action on a website.

Automate a business marketing routine with a drag-and-drop editor that will also help to create customized workflows. It’s up to team members to decide when, where, and what message customers will receive. Automation will also warm up leads and prepare them for communication with the salesperson.

The platform enables a business to create the most personalized website, improve graphics and content. Customizable banners, coupon forms, live chats, and popups will be displayed to the right audience at the right moment. With SALESmanago, a company can integrate an automated live chat to give visitors the best experience.

Marketing SALESmanago automation allows a team to conduct effective A/B testing that will help experiment and define what works and what doesn’t work for a specific audience. It will help optimize campaigns significantly, allocate resources properly, and drive more sales.

The software is available on mobile devices, so a team can access data they need or nurture leads, optimize campaigns on the go.

SALESmanago integration with LeadsBridge will ensure a company will have access to a more advanced set of marketing and business operations features for increased productivity and better results.

Salesmanago features:

  • Advanced Analytics

    With advanced analytics, a team will get a deep insight into campaign effectiveness to optimize it.

  • Real-Time Data Processing

    With real-time data processing, it’s possible to collect data, personalize all activities based on it, and immediately react to customers’ actions.

  • Customer Value Management

    Marketing SALESmanago automation enables a team to come up with a separate set of actions suitable for different stages of communications with customers to build loyal relationships.

  • Integrations

    It’s possible to connect the platform to a company’s website, CRM, get SALESmanago Salesforce integration, or sync with other systems and services to easily exchange data and use it for better performance.


Discover all the possible integrations for Salesmanago

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