Discover all the possible integrations for Klaviyo

Discover all the possible integrations for Klaviyo

Connect Klaviyo with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 370 integrations to get the most out from your Klaviyo data.

What is Klaviyo? Klaviyo is a comprehensive marketing platform equipped with multichannel marketing tools that help in boosting the growth of medium to small businesses.

Organizations use Klaviyo to bring all of their customers’ data together. It packages online and offline marketing channels and provides critical insights into the entire business. Companies use Klaviyo for sending emails, push website notifications, set up social media communication, and apply segmentation on their customer base.

Klaviyo automatically sends out regular, personalized, and automated promotional emails to subscribed customers for maximum retention. This helps businesses in highlighting their products and driving revenue growth.

Through Klaviyo, companies can automate emails, SMS, in-app notifications, and much more.

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Using analytics, organizations can efficiently assess methods which tend to bring more customers on board. The deep Klaviyo integration in your email delivery is beneficial in driving actual sales. Making sales through deterministic modeling generates analytical facts which are useful in future campaigns and generate steady revenue for all investors.

Using Klaviyo software is intuitive and user-friendly. Simply sign up for an account. The user interface is straightforward to understand and guides the user along the way. Corporations can import their customer lists and spreadsheets using the import wizard, an intuitive process that helps them in importing and setting up the stage for Klaviyo. Klaviyo also sets up future customer sign-ups using forms made with pre-built templates. This allows companies to enter the operational phase at a rapid pace.

Klaviyo software lets its users conduct AB testing of their email campaigns. Companies can send emails, measure customer interaction, optimize their email for better effectiveness, and repeat. Users learn from their experiments, and a valid template is gradually developed until it reaches perfection.

Klaviyo sends hundreds of millions of emails every day on behalf of its users. To maintain such a large scale operation, it has incorporated automatic email designing. This feature suggests the user some automatically generated emails using built-in workflows. This is a fast and quick way of starting a campaign as users only choose the font and brand color while Klaviyo handles the rest. This makes product promotion tremendously easy as companies can create new and beautiful digital campaigns in a matter of minutes.

Klaviyo sends a personalized welcome email to newly subscribed customers; it also segments customers based on purchase history and consistently sends coupon codes and discount tokens. It helps companies produce engaging automated promotions depending on the customer’s actions. This means reactions can be automated to take place as soon as certain conditions are met.

Equipped with artificial intelligence, Klaviyo automatically sends post-purchase emails to customers to request product reviews. Klaviyo emails make sure that customers keep coming back.

Through Klaviyo integration with LeadsBridge, companies can send emails to their customers and acquire real-time insights on customer interaction. This opens doors of further Klaviyo integrations with tools affiliated with LeadsBridge.

Klaviyo features:

  • Automation

    Klaviyo automates the most time-consuming tasks. For example, promotion designing is the hardest part of marketing. To counter this, Klaviyo suggests its users a collection of pre-built templates. The user then chooses the model which best suits their needs. Email delivery is entirely autonomous.

  • Data & Analytics

    Klaviyo gives users complete data-backed insight into the performance of SMS and email marketing campaigns. This enables them to make informed decisions to build lasting relationships with their customers and drive revenue growth.

  • AB Testing

    At the start, companies don’t usually have experience in developing effective campaigns. Through AB testing, they can experiment using different content and techniques. Ultimately, the real-time analytics generated by Klaviyo helps them in evaluating the most cost-effective method with the highest ROI.

  • Intuitive Dashboard

    Klaviyo offers a state-of-the-art dashboard that features all necessary information regarding sales and marketing. At a glance, the user can assess the economic situation of the entire project.


Discover all the possible integrations for Klaviyo

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