Discover all the possible integrations for Act-On

Discover all the possible integrations for Act-On

Connect Act-On with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Act-On data.

Act-On is one of the top subscription-based marketing automation products. With Act-On integration, marketers and brands can construct effective marketing campaigns to generate new leads and opportunities. It is a digital platform that offers several marketing features, which include email marketing, landing page generation, social media marketing, etc.

The software has a straightforward, user-friendly, drag, and drop interface. Marketers can efficiently orchestrate effective campaigns that activate automatically according to the pre-programmed rules set by the users. Act-On automation uses simple if-then logic to trigger the next step in the campaign.

Targeted email marketing is one of the most significant Act-On features that allow marketers to create personalized email marketing campaigns. Users can collect behavioral data to learn more about their customer’s preferences. With Act-On software, emails and messages can also be sent on the client’s most optimal time. This feature is based on their historical engagement data

The website lead generation feature can be availed to create engaging landing pages and adaptive forms. Act-On also offers AI-driven content recommendations that are highly behavior-based and according to customer’s engagement patterns to help marketers convert a potential lead into a paying customer.

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The software brings an SEO audit tool to ensure that the content of every user is optimized for search engines.

The tool also enables its users to utilize employee advocacy tools and arrange events through social media to improve their targeted marketing messaging. This feature also offers advanced social media publishing, through which content can be posted on any social media according to a schedule devised by the user. Another feature is the social media analytics dashboard that allows the users to keep track of their leads and conversions.

The reporting and marketing analytics tool allow users to store and review relevant data and transport any sort of information to any business intelligence (BI). With campaign reports, users can monitor the metrics of their campaign like, generated leads and revenue, contribution to the sales pipeline, and trends over time.

Another important feature of this software is account-based marketing, and it provides users with account-level profile data like account-level scores and complete activity timeline, etc. This tool shows the marketers who sort of clients engage with their marketing tactics.

With the Act-On software, users can also integrate their Act-On account with other compatible software to leverage information for marketing strategies such as pre and post-webinar communications and email segmentation.

Users get the ability to connect their Act-On software with CRM. With this feature, marketers can manage their leads easily, with the provision of valuable lead insights, the conception of score-based prioritized lead lists and personalized sales outreach through this tool users can improve their marketing plans and strategies.

Act-On also has its own website visitor tracking software, which can be used to sift out a potential customer’s interests based on pages visited, content download, and much more.

Users can also engage clients through targeted account activity; this feature notifies the user as soon as someone performs a certain activity on their account like filling a form or visiting a target page.

Act-On features:

  • User-Friendly Interface

    Act-On brings a user-friendly UI with a short learning curve that’s easy to use even for people who are not exactly tech-savvy.

  • Integrates with CRM

    The service can be integrated with a number of CRMs ensuring businesses get to align their marketing and sales efforts under one roof.

  • Employee Advocacy Tools

    Organizations can empower their marketing with employee advocacy tools that enable them to create events through social media.

  • Reporting & Marketing Analytics

    Comprehensive reporting and analytics make sure businesses have all the information they need to make the right calls when it comes to big decisions.


Discover all the possible integrations for Act-On

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