Discover all the possible integrations for SharpSpring

Discover all the possible integrations for SharpSpring

Connect SharpSpring with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your SharpSpring data.

SharpSpring is a progressive complete sales and marketing platform that enables teams to launch highly converting marketing campaigns and drive sales.

To achieve the desired business growth and development coming up with an effective marketing campaign is integral. It’s very important to launch effective campaigns, track the results, and optimize activities for better results.

SharpSpring integrations are a perfect marketing solution that will be suitable for SMB companies as well as large businesses and corporations that want to improve the efficiency of the workflow and make marketing activities more converting.

CRM integration with SharpSpring will give companies access to a wide range of sales and marketing features. SharpSpring integrations will enable teams to easily create stunning emails with the convenient drag-and-drop builder. Simply add and move elements around to create an engaging email that will convert users to sales.

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Easily edit styles and choose from a variety of ready-to-use beautiful templates to save time or create a personalized email template from scratch with an HTML code editor. SharpSpring CRM integration allows a company to create responsive designs that will look perfect on any device. SharpSpring automation makes it possible to organize all emails and templates into folders to easily access them in no time.

With SharpSpring integrations, a business will be able to create customizable, eye-catching forms for the website to capture visitors’ data. It’s completely user friendly, and a team can create one in just a few minutes. In addition, with SharpSpring integrations, a company also can create stunning landing pages for marketing purposes that will convert and drive more sales. Moreover, the launch of a company blog, editing, and publishing content can be done with ease as well.

The platform offers powerful SharpSpring automation that will help to optimize the workflow by automating some common tasks to let a teamwork on more valuable tasks. SharpSpring CRM integration makes it possible to build automation workflow, set up rules with the most intuitive builder.

Email campaigns can be automated to nurture leads and turn them into loyal customers with minimal efforts. SharpSpring CRM integration can automatically segment, tag users to make the communication more timely, personalized, and relevant. CRM integration with SharpSpring also makes it possible to provide the smoothest customer experience through a powerful customer relationship management software.

SharpSpring automation solution offers companies advanced analytics to measure key marketing campaign metrics like open rates, clicks, bounces to optimize activities. Quick A/B testing is also possible to try out various options and figure out what works better for a company.

SharpSpring CRM integration with LeadsBridge will enable companies to access the advanced set of features to attain desirable results, make marketing activities well-performing and highly profitable.

SharpSpring features:

  • Integration with Services and Apps

    SharpSpring CRM integration is possible with other popular services and applications that a team uses most of the time to be more productive.

  • Simple Interface

    CRM integration with SharpSpring has an easy-in-use interface that makes sales and marketing activities more effective in a few clicks.

  • Time-Efficient Automation

    SharpSpring automation is very powerful and will significantly save time and team effort for more successful results.


Discover all the possible integrations for SharpSpring

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