Discover all the possible integrations for Marketo

Discover all the possible integrations for Marketo

Connect Marketo with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 370 integrations to get the most out from your Marketo data.

What is Marketo? It is a marketing automation software that contains a suite of features and tools to tackle all parts of a sales cycle. From customer management and interaction to lead generation and data collection, the software boasts a range of features tailored for sales and marketing services.

Marketo allows a range of marketing activities such as direct email marketing and social media integration to help generate and mature sales.

Marketo's lead management features enable users to keep track of customer interaction and automate data collection and presentation by allowing admins to send automated product and service details along with other required information through a variety of channels such as live chat, automated chat-bots, social media messages, and email.

Marketo offers an extensive list of metrics and analytics powered by AI processing that focuses on successful interaction and sales more than total statistics to help users improve their CRM processes.

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Marketo also offers lead generation features to help users in keeping track of conversations and suggest possible opportunities and venues for reaching out to existing customers.

Marketo CRM Integration can open numerous opportunities for organizations to track and nurture leads, analyze the target audiences, and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Moreover, with the help of Marketo data integration, businesses can bring every data point together for better decision making.

Marketo also enables users to create unique landing pages with customizable features such as the ability to add forms, snippets, images, or embedded videos to messages or emails for more significant interaction with users. Also available for the user are pre-built themes and templates that do not require much adjustment and are ready to deploy from the start.

You can set up your Marketo CRM to configure lead management. Leads can be grouped based on various customized categories such as specific issues, potential sales, or based on when a user first visited your site. User information such as the source of traffic, interaction with the website, previous purchases or interactions, and contact information is conveniently available to the admin at the click of a button.

Admins can also create automatic flows that send specific tasks into a pre-designed sorting process that can move jobs from one category to another, mark tasks for follow-up, send an email for particular actions, or move the task to a higher priority. Marketo also offers other sorting features that let admins create segments or smart lists.

Another useful feature of Marketo is that it lets users design and launch integrated social media campaigns to generate leads that link directly to the software for initial perusal.

The platform also offers an advanced mobile API and development SDK that allows other apps to connect directly to the platform on all modern operating systems, with its apps also available on the respective marketplaces.

Using Marketo integration with LeadsBridge, companies can unleash the full potential of this powerful marketing automation tool to engage their prospects as well as customers.

Marketo features:

  • Complete CRM Suite

    Marketo offers advanced customer management and lead handling features in one complete package.

  • Advanced Lead Handling

    Marketo has many features that allow lead generation, interaction with potential sales clients and lead categorization and handling.

  • Social Media Integration and Campaigns

    Marketo allows users to create social media campaigns to generate leads that connect directly to the platform for easier management.

  • Customizable Templates and Interactive Features

    Marketo also enables users to create custom landing pages and interactive additions to their site such as forms or forwarding links.


Discover all the possible integrations for Marketo

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