Discover all the possible integrations for ClickDimensions

Discover all the possible integrations for ClickDimensions

Connect ClickDimensions with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your ClickDimensions data.

ClickDimensions is a robust marketing cloud tool that works in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics for a streamlined and coherent marketing and sales effort. With ClickDimensions integration, brands can completely revamp their marketing strategy and drive business growth.

The service is the only unified analytics, marketing, and services platform available today for businesses who have Microsoft Dynamics in their technology stack.

It brings exceptional marketing applications that are uniquely designed to drive lead and customer engagement with cost efficiency in mind. It also offers an enterprise-grade marketing intelligence suite that brings together all the sales, marketing, and customer data to draw insightful results and create meaningful reports.

Moreover, the service also offers a complete suite of managed services, customer success, and support that has immense experience in delivering marketing results using Microsoft Dynamics as its primary platform.

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The key aspect of ClickDimensions that makes it unique in the market is that it's 100% native to Microsoft Dynamics. All the multichannel marketing tools work natively within the platform as a unified solution to deliver operational and financial efficiencies through streamlined marketing and sales efforts.

Moreover, the services-enabled aspect of ClickDimensions ensures performance optimization through innovative features while delivering enhanced outcomes. Analytics that are obtained through a data-focused approach help businesses to evaluate and measure the success rate of their marketing campaigns and overall business growth.

How to integrate ClickDimensions? With ClickDimensions automation and intelligent Dashboards, businesses get the ability to understand what is effective and what isn’t by looking at a holistic outlook of their sales and marketing performance across all campaigns which are directly connected to their sales pipeline and revenue.

Being a fully-managed service, ClickDimensions can be used out of the box, which reduces the cost, time, and human effort that usually comes with developing and maintaining a complete sales and marketing reporting solution.

These tasks such as data integration through a number of sources, creation, and optimization of dashboards for different specialized marketing channels, specifying the right and precise KPIs, and refreshing data and analytics on a regular basis may need various unique skill sets and hundreds of hours to develop using conventional business intelligence resources.

However, with ClickDimensions Intelligent Dashboards, businesses get instant access to a variety of sales and marketing dashboards that are designed and coded by sales, marketing, and IT professionals. They have been designed to track over 150 best-practice KPIs across a range of CRM, marketing automation, social, web, and advertising channels all available to a business in less than a day from the time they first log in.

If a business is primarily reliant on Microsoft Dynamics, then there’s no other native tool for streamlining sales and marketing efforts that comes close to ClickDimensions in terms of delivering innovative features, reliable performance, and customer support.

ClickDimensions features:

  • Native Solutions

    All the multichannel marketing tools work natively as a single solution within the ClickDimensions ecosystem to ensure streamlined marketing operations.

  • Advanced Analytics

    The service delivers data-based analytics for marketers and businesses who are looking to optimize their marketing campaigns for better results.

  • Intelligent Dashboards

    With ClickDimensions’ intelligent dashboards, businesses always have access to all the information they need in an effective and user-friendly manner.

  • Customer Support

    ClickDimensions provides professional help to businesses through their customer support to ensure every user is making the most of the service.


Discover all the possible integrations for ClickDimensions

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