Discover all the possible integrations for Maropost

Discover all the possible integrations for Maropost

Connect Maropost with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 370 integrations to get the most out from your Maropost data.

What is Maropost? Maropost is a customer engagement platform that unifies email marketing and customer engagement by connecting companies with their customers. It specializes in creating a personalized experience for seamless customer interaction.

Maropost makes it easier for companies to interact with customers using multi-channel communication. With a unified, easy-to-use platform, it makes sure that customers have a positive experience with the company enabling them to drive revenue growth and maximize efficiency.

Maropost for marketing lets companies set up promotions and campaigns at every stage of the customer lifecycle, directly delivering outstanding user experience. With the power of automation by their side, corporations can set campaigns on auto-pilot and benefit from a growing customer base.

Maropost lets companies formulate emails, coupon codes, and numerous other promotional mediums, all through the press of a button. Using pre-built templates, users can save time and set-up quality campaigns.

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Through data-driven marketing and real-time analytics, users can track customer interaction and record insights all through one platform. Analytics also provide necessary geographical data so companies can better target their intended audience and increase engagement.

Maropost also keeps a log of previous customers. Companies can launch campaigns based on positive historical engagements using these well-kept logs. Dynamic emails sent through Maropost are personalized to best match the customer's needs. Maropost emails make sure that not only do they get delivered but also generate positive results and engagements.

Reaching the audience through push notifications and SMS is also a specialty of Maropost. Using data-driven engagement, it makes sure that customers are served with personalized promotions across all mobile channels.

Data-driven engagement doesn't stop there as Maropost aligns social media platforms together and unifies all engagement on one dashboard.

Maropost believes customers are more likely to shop if they are approached on multiple channels. Keeping this in mind, it makes sure promotions are personalized and motivational for the customer. Maropost for commerce makes this easier by integrating personalization within the design of company websites. When websites are personalized, customers feel more inclined towards spending top dollar.

Companies can enjoy email automation as Maropost automatically sends welcome emails to new customers, discounts, and promotional emails to previous customers for re-engagement. It further facilitates its users by generating and emailing transactional receipts automatically without fail.

Maropost integrations are one of the fastest in the industry. They boast simplification for clients by having a large variety of integration options.

Through Maropost integration with LeadsBridge, companies can send emails to their customers and acquire real-time insights on customer interaction. This opens doors of further Maropost integrations with tools affiliated with LeadsBridge.

Maropost features:

  • Real-time Analytics

    Maropost tracks customer interactions and provides companies with insights on customer interaction through real-time analytics. This is useful in ascertaining which promotions had more impact on customers.

  • Extended Revenue

    Maropost increases revenue of companies by connecting with potential customers on multiple platforms and channels ranging from SMS to emails and push notifications.

  • Personalized Campaigns

    Maropost focuses on engaging customers through dynamic and customized emails. This helps in maintaining and attracting a more extensive and involved customer base.

  • Automated Emails

    Maropost automatically gets back to customers that have interacted with the company in the past and delivers promotional discounts. All this is done to bring back old customers. Furthermore, companies can set-up automatic emails and messages that are delivered when certain conditions are met.


Discover all the possible integrations for Maropost

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