Discover all the possible integrations for Oracle Eloqua
Oracle Eloqua

Discover all the possible integrations for Oracle Eloqua

Connect Oracle Eloqua with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Oracle Eloqua data.

Oracle Eloqua is a highly-effective CRM lead management software that offers its clients all the variety of tools and features for improved sales activities.

Taking into account the importance and challenge of marketing activities for lead generation, nurturing, and retention of existing clients, a similar CRM system is needed for SMB companies or even large corporations for better performance.

What is Oracle Eloqua? It is a CRM system called to increase the conversion rate. It allows businesses to create personalized campaigns that will draw attention, attract new leads and customers.

This campaign management tool enables users to create customized campaigns through emails, web search, video. Oracle Eloqua tutorial enables teams to communicate with the right target audience, get deep insight and reports to improve all efforts.

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By integrating a fantastic tool weChat, a social media platform, a company can expand the audience and go internationally. It enables businesses to make communication more personalized through data from campaign activities.

Easily segment an audience, choose the most relevant group of individuals to strike them with the most exciting offers and deals with Oracle Eloqua tutorial. It grants businesses to create campaigns based on demographics, geography, or user's behavior. Understand the leads and customers' preferences better for more customized solutions and higher ROI.

With Oracle Eloqua marketing automation, campaign management became more convenient due to the more significant amount of visual elements that help a company get better control over marketing activities. What is Oracle Eloqua for marketing? Drag and drop functionality makes it easier to see the engagement and results. Moreover, with marketing automation, it became possible to process a massive volume of lead profiles to accelerate sales.

Manage all marketing activities with advanced reports and analytics to see the engagement, conversions, track users' behavior, key metrics success rate, revenue, ROI, and so much more. Get an in-depth insight to improve business decisions and drive sales and attract new prospects and clients.

Companies can get familiar with the Oracle Eloqua tutorial that will facilitate a team in the process of using the software to let employees get the full use of the tools and features provided. It will be easier to improve marketing efficiency.

What is Oracle Eloqua for marketing campaigns? It will become possible to achieve even better productivity, get an expanded set of tools for higher performance by integrating Oracle Eloqua and LeadsBridge.

Oracle Eloqua features:

  • Targeting and Segmentation

    Oracle Eloqua marketing automation allows to easily segment an audience, target the needed group of people with the most relevant content.

  • Marketing Campaign Management

    It’s possible to create engaging marketing campaigns that will be adjusted based on the client’s real-time activities. A team will be able to create versatile campaigns in no time.

  • Effective Lead Management

    Oracle Eloqua marketing automation allows marketers to organize all lead management activities effectively and get a bigger volume of quality leads with ease.

  • Marketing Analytics

    With advanced analytics, a company can get a deep insight into marketing activities, accurately track all metrics, measure the success level, and keep improving all processes.

  • Sales Alignment

    Easily monitor web activity, email open rate, form submissions as well as a social activity to accelerate sales and grow revenue in the future with Oracle Eloqua marketing automation.


Discover all the possible integrations for Oracle Eloqua

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