Discover all the possible integrations for Zoho CRM
Zoho CRM

Discover all the possible integrations for Zoho CRM

Connect Zoho CRM with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Zoho CRM data.

Zoho CRM is a useful customer relationship management software that allows businesses to grow their revenue through better engagement with customers and attract new leads with the diversity of features available.

A convenient CRM software is needed for any business to achieve growth and tangible development results faster, drive sales, establish successful collaboration with clients and leads as well as facilitate all the operational processes.

Lots of companies have been wondering “what is Zoho,” it’s a set of powerful software that will help transform all the routine tasks and run a business more quickly and effectively. The company offers such software like Zoho forms, Zoho campaigns, Zoho CRM in particular, and so much more.

Zoho CRM is a highly-productive software that can be used by any company and business to connect with customers through various platforms and channels fast and easily. This software allows businesses to measure the effectiveness of this communication, automate some routine tasks, get deep data insight as well as use AI to improve sales practices.

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The first thing to mention about Zoho CRM is that the software makes it possible to reach leads, potential and existing customers through the variety of channels like phone, email, social media, live chats, etc.

What is Zoho for a business? A company can integrate an email box with a CRM system to efficiently respond to clients and keep a record of all conversations as well as to get email performance reports.

Connect with a telephony partner never to miss a single call, take conversation notes, set reminders to always stay in touch.

With social media integration, businesses are allowed to automate lead generation and monitor how the prospects and clients feel about a company or brand.

Online automation makes it possible to be more productive by automating some repetitive routine tasks that will no longer clutter a task pool.

Besides, Zoho CRM software offers extensive in-depth analytics to amend all operational and business processes. It enables companies to monitor all the details of sales activities, create customized dashboards, add charts, funnels, KPI’s, and everything a business needs to track the performance and analyze the key results.

Get broad insight, filter the reports, explore all the data needed, share analytics to make a well-informed business decision.

If a company thinks “What is Zoho for sales activities,” it has implemented Artificial Intelligence to enable businesses to have the AI-driven assistant that will predict sales, help manage the CRM system, find the info needed, detect anomalies, so it’s possible to stay on top of daily activities.

By integrating Zoho forms, Zoho campaigns, Zoho CRM with LeadsBridge, it will be possible to enhance all advertising efforts and make the lead generation process smoother and high-performing.

Zoho CRM features:

  • Easy in Use

    Zoho CRM has a pretty simple interface, and it can be easily used with minimum prior experience with similar software.

  • Extensible Platform

    It’s possible to import any business data from other CRM software. Zoho forms, Zoho campaigns, Zoho CRM also enable users to integrate the platform with any external system or application.

  • AI Implementation

    Zoho forms, Zoho campaigns, Zoho CRM fully benefit from technological advancements and integrated smart algorithms to help manage the CRM system.

  • Advanced Analytics

    In addition to omnichannel communication, Zoho CRM makes it easy to see the effectiveness of all processes and make appropriate adjustments and improvements.


Discover all the possible integrations for Zoho CRM

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