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How to connect Zoho CRM with LeadsBridge

Integrate Zoho CRM with LeadsBridge

Zoho CRM is a multichannel CRM software solution designed to manage sales, marketing, contacts,

Zoho CRM is a multichannel CRM software solution designed to manage sales, marketing, contacts, customer support and other business functions.

In this article, you'll learn how to connect your LeadsBridge account with Zoho CRM.

Connect Zoho CRM integration

  1. Head over to the left sidebar and click on Integrations
  2. Click on the Add New button
  3. Enter a recognizable name for your integration
  4. Click on the Browse button
  5. Select "Zoho CRM" from the providers list
  6. Click on the Next button
  7. Enter the Domain to connect Zoho CRM with LeadsBridge
  8. 1. Enter the domain (URL) in which your Zoho Account resides. You can find this by checking your browser's address bar while logged into your Zoho Account.
  9. Select the entity concept you'd like to use (ex Lead, Contact, Deal)
  10. Select the segmentation concept you'd like to use (ex Campaign, Tag, Deal Phase)
  11. Click on the Authorize button
  12. A Zoho CRM's wizard will popup
  13. Enter your credentials and grant the access to LeadsBridge
  14. Head back to LeadsBridge and click on the Finish button

Which entity concepts we support for Zoho CRM

  1. Lead

    Leads are the details gathered about an individual or representatives of an organization. They play a very important role in an organization's Sales & Marketing department and are useful in identifying potential customers. Collecting leads and managing them are the initial stages in the sales process. Leads can be obtained through trade shows, seminars, advertisements, marketing campaigns etc. Once the leads are collected, it is essential to manage them and follow them up until the leads qualify to prospective customers. The sales department's approach in managing leads can significantly impact the success of an organization. ( Learn more)
  2. Contact

    Contacts are the people in an organization with whom your company has business communications in pursuit of business opportunities. Some of these contacts may belong to different departments in a company or multiple contacts of the same company. CRM contacts are typically converted from qualified leads, imported from an existing list or added individually based on the business relationship with the associated company. ( Learn more)
  3. Deal

    Deals are important as they generate revenue for the organization. Ideally, Deals undergo the complete sales cycle, right from identifying the right prospect to the deal being won or lost.

    For example, you own a web hosting company called Zylker. James the Marketing Manager of XYZ corporation likes the package you offer for complete web hosting and wants you to host a website for his company and gets in touch with you regarding the same. ( Learn more)

Which segmentation concepts we support for Zoho CRM

With LeadsBridge you may use these segmentation concept for Zoho CRM.

  1. Campaign

    Zoho CRM campaign management features allow you to plan marketing expenditures, improve the quality of lead generation process, and measure the campaign performance and effectiveness. ( Learn more)
  2. Tag

    The primary objective of tagging in Zoho CRM is to help you categorize and prioritize records so that you can fetch them easily. For example, you can tag certain records as "Big deals" or "Tradeshow leads from Australia" or "Junk leads from referrals" and so on. When you categorize them based on the type of records, or activities associated to them, or the potential profits from the deals - is entirely up to you. ( Learn more)
  3. Deal Phase

    The Deals module offers two types of views - List view and Stage view. While the list view displays all the deals one after the other in the order you have sorted them, the Stage view categorizes the deals based on the Deal Stage. ( Learn more)

Common questions for Zoho CRM

Can I use custom fields?

Yes, first you should create the custom field inside Zoho CRM, you may use custom fields to capture important and specific data for your business requirements. ( Read from Zoho CRM docs)

How to fix the ZohoCRM error "module is hidden for your organization"?

In ZohoCRM when you are passing an API for the contacts, you have to make sure all the related modules are also active and not hidden.
The Contacts modules are related to the account module.

To organize modules:
  1. Log in to Zoho CRM with administrative privileges.
  2. Go to Setup » Customization » Modules and Fields.
  3. In the List of Modules page, click Organize Modules.
Check if the account module is disabled or hidden, and enable it.
For further information check the following guide: ( Read from Zoho CRM docs)

How to fix the ZohoCRM error "IP_NOT_ALLOWED"?

You have to whitelist the following IPs ( OPEN LINK) in order to integrate Zoho CRM with LeadsBridge. ( Read from Zoho CRM docs)

How to fix the ZohoCRM error "WEB_LOGIN_REQUIRED"?

This connection error is caused by the 2-factor authentication feature activated in your Zoho account. You’ll need to create an Application Specific Password following the steps below:
  1. Click HERE
  2. Click on Two Factor Authentication
  3. Then click on Manage Application Specific Passwords
  4. Type LeadsBridge or something similar, next to Device (or) App Name
  5. Then, type your current password
  6. Click on Generate to view the application specific password
  7. Copy the device specific password, it will be displayed only once and will not be displayed again
  8. Go back to LeadsBridge and paste your Zoho Application Specific Password inside your integration setup
For further information ( Read from Zoho CRM docs)

Which Zoho CRM domains can I use in my integration?

We currently support the following Zoho CRM domains:
  • .com
  • .in
  • .eu

What "NO_SUCH_USER" error means?

If you get this error message means that Zoho CRM wasn't able to find the Username and Password you've inserted inside the selected domain, please verify that the pair is correct and double check that the Domain you've selected is the right one.

How can I connect Zoho CRM if I’ve created my account using another service?

In case you’ve created your Zoho account using another service (like Google, LinkedIn or Office 365) you should follow the steps below in order to create a password that you can use while creating your integration with LeadsBridge:
  1. Log into your Zoho account
  2. Go into your account settings, or click HERE
  3. Click on Security, on the left menu
  4. Under Passwords section you should find a message like the one in the screenshot below
  5. Click on Create Password
  6. Follow Zoho steps, you should receive an email confirmation with the link to create the new password for your Zoho account
  7. The link will redirect you to a page on your browser where you’ll be able to assign the new password to your account
  8. Once you’ve created your password, you should be able to use it in your LeadsBridge Integration setup

What can I do if I’ve reached the Maximum of Allowed Authentication Tokens?

In case this happens you should click on the link below and remove some old tokens that you’re not using anymore, after you do this, you should be able to connect with LeadsBridge: ( Read from Zoho CRM docs)

What does the sync error It wasn’t possible to sync the lead because the value X for the Destination field Y is not valid means?

This error message means that the value you’re sending into a specific Zoho CRM Pick list, or Multi select, field is not included. For example, if you have a Pick list with the values A, B and C, and you send the value D, you’ll get this error message.

What does the error It wasn’t possible to find the Destination field with the ID X means?

This error message means that the Destination value you’ve mapped changed its ID. In order to fix this you should go into the Fields Mapping step of your Bridge and remap it. For example, it could be that your field ID was First_name and then the ID was changed into FirstName.

How can I migrate my Zoho CRM v1 to v2?

In case you’ve created a Zoho CRM Bridge using the old v1 version that is going to be deprecated, you should follow our migration guidelines in the link below:

If you have any further questions regarding this matter, or if you need help to set up the connection between Zoho CRM with LeadsBridge, do not hesitate to get in touch!