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What’s the difference between Zapier and LeadsBridge?

Even though they may seem to have similar features, Zapier and LeadsBridge are ultimately two very different tools.

  • Generic

  • +5000

  • 30%

  • Low

  • Trigger-based

  • Email

  • No

  • Specific for lead generation & advertising

  • +380

  • 30%

  • High

  • Trigger, time, & consent-based

  • Email, Phone and Account Manager

  • Yes, with customized onboarding

Be specific, not generic

Choose a platform designed for advertisers  

Zapier is a generic integration tool that is very good for automating simple tasks, calendars, reminders, and other day-to-day activities. Zapier also offers some advertising integrations, but these are not its primary focus.

On the other hand, LeadsBridge is an automation solution specific for lead generation and advertising activities. We are designed for and only focused on these two activities.

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Move leads from Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn Ads for free

LeadsBridge offers for free fundamental integrations that Zapier offers in its paid plan

If you’re using Facebook Lead Ads, Google Ads lead form extensions, or LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms for your lead generation campaigns, know that Zapier allows you to integrate these tools only if you subscribe to their premium service.

On the contrary, LeadsBridge gives you the opportunity to connect these tools with the rest of your marketing stack for free, to move leads across platforms automatically and in real time.

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Time is of the essence

Real-time data sync gives you a headstart over your competitors

When we talk about lead generation, real-time sync is mandatory to be on top of every lead and get a headstart over other competitors. LeadsBridge Lead Sync product with Ads Platforms takes only a few seconds to sync every single lead coming in.

Zapier, since it’s a generic integration platform, doesn’t offer real-time sync. Instead, it has different timing options based on the kind of plan you choose to subscribe to, where the best option is a 1-minute update. Still way longer than LeadsBridge instant sync.

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Trigger, time, and consent-based

LeadsBridge is safe and always law compliant.  

Zapier is trigger-based (is considered a “trigger” whenever a new lead comes to my list, while an “action” is when the contact is added to my custom audience).

LeadsBridge is trigger-based, time-based, and consent-based, which is fundamental to supporting advertisers by having their custom audiences always updated and law compliant.

Here’s how it works: We keep the audience synced and updated all the time, at all times, in order not only to add new contacts coming in but also to remove the ones that need to be excluded from the audience. For example, if a contact decides to opt out of your list, LeadsBridge will automatically remove it from the custom audience, keeping your audience always on target. This way, LeadsBridge makes it easy to both not target users whom you do not want to target anymore and users who do not want to be targeted.

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Instant notification via email

LeadsBridge offers the Email Receipt feature for free

Zapier requires to create an additional Zap, in order to activate the email receipt feature.

On the other hand, all LeadsBridge users have the opportunity to receive a notification via email every time a lead interacts with their ad or web form, for free.

For new advertisers especially, keeping track of every lead coming in can be pretty overwhelming, which is why this feature is so great: it allows users to have a better understanding of their lead generation efforts.

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Custom integrations

Zapier does not provide in-house custom integrations  

On the other hand, LeadsBridge provides tailor-made integrations for complex workflows. This service is suitable for companies with unique business needs that are not available on the integrations’ list.

LeadsBridge helps them develop custom or internal CRM integrations, with the support of a dedicated team of developers with years of experience around the advertising platforms ecosystem.

With a LeadsBridge custom solution, you can rely on the support of Partner Solution Engineers from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok, with fixed costs and redictable timelines.

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When should you use LeadsBridge?

LeadsBridge is the ideal solution when you need to connect different marketing platforms and tools to generate more leads, improve ad campaigns, and increase conversions.

For example, companies use LeadsBridge to automatically send leads collected with Lead Ads campaigns (Facebook Lead Ads, Google Ads lead form extensions, LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, TikTok Lead Generation) to their CRM, email marketing software, webinar solution or SMS provider.

LeadsBridge is also designed for companies who build advanced sales processes that involve different marketing channels, by sending email notifications when a new lead comes in, automating retargeting campaigns to your leads and customers, implementing a full-funnel-tracking system that counts online & offline conversions.

Lastly, the LeadsBridge support approach is pretty unique: we are focused on getting the ball rolling and we actively help our clients by suggesting the most suitable workarounds and the best Lead Gen practices that companies need in order to grow, as it’s possible to see on the reviews on G2.

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When do we suggest choosing Zapier?

At LeadsBridge, we all really admire Zapier for being such an inspiring Company.

To better understand the differences between LeadsBridge and Zapier, let’s take a look at this example: If you are looking for an automated way to create a task in your project management tool after receiving an email from a specific sender who holds a slot in your calendar, well…Zapier is definitely the best solution to create this connection and save your time.

LeadsBridge can’t help you with this kind of automation.

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Find your ideal solution for accuracy and efficiency in lead generation. Set your campaigns on autopilot and make better, more marketing-driven decisions. With our easy integrations, you can create your very own marketing ecosystem and get a bird’s-eye view of your sales funnel.

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We empower you to connect all your company’s systems (CRM, CDP, DWH, call center, and more) to seamlessly receive or send leads. On top of that, we offer cutting-edge optimization tools to help you target highly responsive users and skyrocket your conversions.

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Who offers more: LeadsBridge or Zapier?

LeadsBridge offers more features per plan than Zapier, meaning you’re getting a better value for the money you’re spending.

Which platform is better for marketing integrations?

Although Zapier has many integrations available, they do not have a single focus. LeadsBridge provides support for all major advertising platforms, and offers integrations with marketing tools that many other integration platforms do not, including Zapier.

Which platform is better for syncing lead data?

With Lead Sync by LeadsBridge, all of your lead data is instantly transferred to your CRM without a hitch. This allows you to sync campaign information like Campaign Name, AdSet Name, Ad Name, Form Name. Zapier’s platform doesn’t do this.

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