LeadsBridge vs. Zapier.
The naked truth from the insiders
What’s LeadsBridge?
LeadsBridge is a Marketing Suite focused on getting more leads and sales.
Who is using LeadsBridge?
Digital Marketing experts that want to bring more results for their businesses.
What’s Zapier?
Zapier is a tool that helps automating tasks and workflows.
Who is using Zapier?
Anyone that wants to save time and automate annoying tasks.
What’s the difference between
LeadsBridge and Zapier?
Zapier LeadsBridge
Approach Generic Specific on Lead generation and advertising
No. of integrations +1000 +350
Integration directory overlap ≈30%
Industry-specific integrations Low High
Lead Gen and Advertising tools No Yes
Customer Support Email Email, Phone and Account Manager
G2Crowd reviews
Custom integration service No Yes! Customized onboarding
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What’s the difference between LeadsBridge and Zapier?
LeadsBridge and Zapier are two very different tools, even if some of their features may seem to be similar.

LeadsBridge is a Marketing tool that helps your business grow by giving you the ability to reach your leads/customers at the best time, you can get the most out of your business assets and take it to the next level when it comes to tracking advanced data-points.

In addition, LeadsBridge is constantly focused on creating tools and technologies that help companies increase their marketing results, such as Disruptive Forms or Pixel Enhancer.

Eventually, the LeadsBridge support approach is a kind of unique: we are focused on getting the ball rolling and we actively help our clients by suggesting the most suitable workarounds and the best lead gen practices you need to grow, as you can see on the reviews on G2crowd.

Here in LeadsBridge, everyone loves Zapier because is such an inspiring company that we really admire.

To better understand the differences between LeadsBridge and Zapier, let’s make an example:
If you are looking for a way to create a task in your project management tool while you receive an email from a specific sender who holds a slot in your calendar, well… Zapier is definitely the best solution to create this connection and save your time. LeadsBridge can’t help you with this.
What’s the next step?
If you are looking for growing your business, give LeadsBridge a go and you’ll experience what’s the difference between a software and an ally 🙂