Discover all the possible integrations for Instagram Custom Audiences
Instagram Custom Audiences

Discover all the possible integrations for Instagram Custom Audiences

Connect Instagram Custom Audiences with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Instagram Custom Audiences data.

With Instagram Custom Audiences integration, brands get an ad targeting option that's specially designed to identify and focus on a potential audience that's present in existing contacts, visitors, followers, and subscribers. These are the people who have had prior interaction with the business through their Instagram or Facebook page.

It allows businesses to tailor and target their ads for an audience with the highest potential of spending money on their products. This helps organizations to cut down their customer acquisition cost on social media, which can be quite high, especially when competing in a crowded industry.

In order to create custom audiences for Instagram, businesses can use a wide range of resources, including their app traffic, Facebook engagement, Facebook fans, customers' lists, website visitors, and more. These are the people who aren't already aware of the brand but have a relationship with it through digital engagement and interaction.

Organizations can also use their Custom Audiences to create Lookalike Audiences, which helps them to find people who belong to the same demographic, exhibit similar traits, and demonstrate same tendencies and preferences. This enables businesses to target a wider audience for their product with a much higher conversion rate.

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Businesses can also benefit from making ad campaigns for Engagement Custom Audience. This includes people who have interacted or engaged with the content that business has shared across the Facebook's collection of services and digital apps, including Instagram.

Engagement custom audience allows businesses to target people who have spent time exploring, researching, or interacting with the shared content. It may include watching videos, liking or sharing posts, or opening a lead form. This Audience can also be used to create a Lookalike Audience, which has a higher ROI potential.

Organizations can use their data sources like CRM software and email lists to import the information about their custom audiences who have a prior relationship with the brand. The data related to these audiences can also be used when businesses want to target people who don't know about their brand.

The feature of Instagram Custom Audiences is used by businesses to convince potential customers to return to their abandoned carts and complete their purchase. It can also be used to provide incentives to existing customers for upselling as well as people who are interacting with the brand but haven't made a purchase decision yet.

Instagram Custom Audiences provides an effective marketing tool for startups and small businesses who are looking to run marketing campaigns with a manageable cost of acquisition. It helps them generate cost-efficient leads and turn them into paying customers for driving sales and business growth.

Instagram Custom Audiences features:

  • Prior Brand Awareness

    This helps businesses target those audiences who have had prior knowledge of the brand and have possibly interacted with it as well.

  • Lookalike Audiences

    Custom audiences can be used to create lookalike audiences, which allows brands to target a wider audience with similar traits and preferences.

  • Better Targeting & Higher ROI

    Through improved targeting, businesses can address the issue of abandoned carts, enhance the upsell rate, and cut down their cost of customer acquisition.

  • Advanced Marketing Campaigns

    If a business is looking to run a brand awareness campaign, custom audiences can be used to exclude people who are already aware of the brand.


Discover all the possible integrations for Instagram Custom Audiences

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