Discover all the possible integrations for Google Customer Match
Google Customer Match

Discover all the possible integrations for Google Customer Match

Connect Google Customer Match with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Google Customer Match data.

What is Google Customer Match? Google Customer Match is an advertising tool useful for various business objectives, from increasing brand awareness to increasing conversions. Google Customer Match allows users to use online and offline data to reach and re-engage customers on the search network, on Shopping, Gmail, YouTube, and on the Display Network. Also, Google Customer Match uses the information that customers have shared with users to show ads to these and other similar customers.

Attracting new customers is essential, but it is equally crucial to create involvement for current customers. Many of those follow actively business and voluntarily provided their contact information, thanks to Google Customer Match the users can use this information to improve their Advertising Campaigns.

Regardless of the goal, whether it's brand awareness or focus on conversions, Google Customer Match proves very useful. All users have to do is upload a customer contact information data file, create or update an Advertising Campaign to target this new audience to Google Customer Match.

By default, customers uploaded won't expire from the Google Customer Match audience created, so it's best to regularly update the list or manually set how long want customers to stay in the audience. In case users forget to update the information, they will receive an email from AdWords as a reminder.

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Nowadays, similar audience targeting is only available for YouTube and Gmail, but it can be a valuable tool for acquiring new customers. Google Customer Match audience automatically creates the audience if the minimum eligibility criteria are met. This list can be added to an Ads group as targeting campaigns for remarketing. Users will know that a similar list of audiences is available when it shows a list size on each available network in the "Audience" table, and, once active, it can be added to their targeting. If a part indicates "incompatible," the list is unable to target the specific property.

Since Google Customer Match integration uses some personal information, it is essential to familiarize with it and comply with customer correspondence policies. Users can rest assured that their data will be protected through the hashing process, which can be done manually before uploading, or AdWords will perform the industry-standard action for the one-way hash.

Google Customer Match features:

  • Bring back previous customers

    It is possible to target customers who have purchased in the past but have not returned to the website

  • Exclude existing customers

    With Google Customer Match, it is possible to exclude existing customers. This is similar to remarketing lists for search ads, but now it's not only related to the Google cookie pool, but it's also linked to the email list

  • Cross-Sell Existing customers

    Personalized correspondence allows users to target who are already customers and to help to expand services by showing them content for additional or complementary products

  • Create similar models to find similar customers

    Personalized correspondence is a perfect way to create a cohort of customers and search for others with the same characteristics as browsing behavior or keyword search behavior


Discover all the possible integrations for Google Customer Match

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