Discover all the possible integrations for Google Calendar
Google Calendar

Discover all the possible integrations for Google Calendar

Connect Google Calendar with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Google Calendar data.

Google Calendar is an application used to create and manage schedules in a short amount of time. Users can share their plans with co-workers and track their daily schedules easily.

Google Calendar aims to reduce the time consumed in creating schedules by providing a complete and structured user interface.

By incorporating colors and images, Google Calendar makes scheduling easy to navigate. Location data can also be inserted into the schedule, which means that the users always know where to go for the meeting.

Corporate Calendars can get cluttered with events. Google Calendar uses images to display individual events and clarify their kind. Every kind of activity has a distinct vision. When a user makes a plan to attend a football game in their Calendar, an image representing football is displayed in the schedule.

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Through Google Calendar integration with Google Mail, users can expect their schedules to be auto-filled using information and data available in their email. Whenever a user receives an email, the event description, its time and date, and the location of the event are filtered out using machine learning. The Calendar inputs the extracted information, and individual activities are created. This feature saves time because users don't have to add the event in their schedule manually.

Even though automatic scheduling is excellent, a manual schedule is no slouch by any means. Features like smart suggestions and assistance bring convenience as they use artificial intelligence to predict the next words. This feature is particularly helpful when adding locations by using names of famous places.

When companies integrate Google Calendar into their mailing system, it can automate guest invitations to events. Companies can set it up to send automated emails to all guests. This is beneficial for companies as they don't have to write personalized emails, which can be time-consuming.

Google Calendar syncs itself with the Cloud after a fixed time, which means the information provided by the Calendar is always up-to-date. By using the Google Calendar App, users can manage their meeting schedules on-the-go.

All the appointments saved within the Calendar are safe because they are always kept in the Cloud. In the scenario that the user loses their phone or computer, the schedules can be recovered quickly.

Users can integrate Google Calendar with Google Contacts for easier scheduling of holidays and special events. Google Calendar can automatically schedule birthdays and public holidays using data present in the former.

Google Calendar intelligently groups activities and gives them color markings so that the user can quickly distinguish between them.

A few hours before the designated time, notifications are issued by the application so that the user can reach the event venue on time.

Corporations can also opt-in for publicized calendars. Through this feature, potential customers and event attendees can learn about the event venue, create appointments, and attend those events on time.

Another useful ability of the artificial intelligence embedded in Google Calendar is its ability to schedule conferences by coordinating with the schedules of the other participants of the meeting. This capability makes sure that the time selected for the conference is suitable for all the attendees. All mainstream operating systems support the Google Calendar app.

Through integration with LeadsBridge, Google Calendar can be integrated with 370 other services to ease workflow and maximize productivity.

Google Calendar features:

  • Automated Scheduling

    Google Calendar digs through received emails and sets up meetings and events based on the content of the emails. It can also detect the location of meetings from the message content and save it as well.

  • Integrations

    Through natural integration with other Google services, Calendar can become a powerful scheduling application capable of automatically reserving flight tickets, and inviting other people to meetings by sending personalized emails.

  • UI

    The user interface is colorful, attractive, easy to understand, and detailed. It is considered bold by many people. It’s well-structured, and everything is at its rightful place.

  • AI-Powered Event Planning

    Google Calendar can set-up meetings using artificial intelligence. By looking through the schedules of people invited to the meeting, Google Calendar can intelligently choose a time and place that suits everybody concerned and invite them to the meeting.


Discover all the possible integrations for Google Calendar

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