Discover all the possible integrations for Gmail

Discover all the possible integrations for Gmail

Connect Gmail with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Gmail data.

Google mail, popularly known as Gmail is one of the most secure, easiest, and smartest ways to send free emails. It helps individuals, small business owners; enterprises save valuable time and do more with their inboxes, than just mails. It gives quick suggestions to users as they type the mails or messages. With Gmail integration, businesses have a fast and convenient way to handle written communication. It saves both time and effort of the users.

Gmail lets individuals use the application on any device. The tool can be used on-the-go, no matter where the users are located and from which device, they are logging in. It is easily available on Google Play and Apple Store. Whether individuals manage small businesses or an enterprise, Gmail lets users stay organized and structured throughout, no matter the size and number of mails. It has three different categories for emails, including Primary, Social, and Promotions.

The primary category involves person-to-person messages that don’t fall in any other tab, which are most likely important to the users. The social tab contains all the emails and messages from social networks, media sharing sites, and other social websites the email address is associated with. As the name implies, the third category of Promotions includes offers, deals, and other marketing emails that users likely ignore. When the mails are managed under three different tabs, it becomes easier to see what’s trending or is important to read and respond to, at a glance.

Gmail also gives users the advantage to manage their messages and stay attentive to all emails, even if they are missed. The tool sends nudges that remind them to follow up and answer to different mails timely. When users don’t want to open the mail, Gmail lets them view attachments, snooze messages, RSVP to different events, and do other actions, without opening emails.

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Gmail integrations allow businesses to streamline their communication. Through Salesforce Gmail integration, HubSpot Gmail integration, and CRM Gmail integration, companies can bring their all marketing and sales-related communication on a single platform for seamless decision making and operational efficiency.

The email client blocks most of the dangerous emails before they reach the users. This means that the tool has an exceptional spam filter, helping in identifying the associated risk from the sender. Therefore, anything that appears threatening to Gmail, it proactively warns the users by sending a red alert message. With this advanced tool, individuals can effortlessly avoid suspicious emails from potential scammers.

Additionally, Gmail also lets users work without internet accessibility. Those who usually have a lot to do but often face internet connectivity issues can rely on Gmail. By enabling Gmail’s offline mode, individuals can easily load, search, read, write, and respond to conversations or emails. Individuals can carry on with their work even when the internet isn’t connected, which saves time.

With Gmail, owners can get their stuff done without leaving the inbox. The updated version of Google mail gives users prompt access to apps that they use more likely such as Keep and Tasks, Google Calendar, and others, without closing the inbox page. Also, the inbox can be downloaded and customized using Add-ons options.

Gmail is easy-to-use and a smart way to collaborate and exchange emails. It is available for everyone, from individuals to enterprise owners. With this application, users can be more productive and get all their tasks done quickly, without any hassle.

Gmail features:

  • Free Email Service by Google

    Gmail is a free email service provided by Google and is universally available on all platforms including Google Play and Apple Store.

  • Go-To Platform for Emails

    It is a reliable platform for exchanging electronic mails for all individuals, small business owners, and enterprises.

  • Organized Email Platform

    It has three different categories, including Primary, Social, and Promotions, managing emails of similar groups together without any hassle.

  • Offline Email Use

    Google mails can work even without an internet connection. Loading, searching, reading, and forming responses can be done by enabling the offline mode.


Discover all the possible integrations for Gmail

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