Discover all the possible integrations for Google Analytics
Google Analytics

Discover all the possible integrations for Google Analytics

Connect Google Analytics with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Google Analytics data.

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful multifunctional services that allow businesses to gain detailed and deep insights into all their marketing and sales activities.

Effective marketing activities are crucial for business development. It’s important not just to come up with a proper strategy but evaluate the company’s performance and see what works and what doesn’t work for the business.

Google Analytics integration comes as a perfect solution for all the businesses, including small startups, medium-sized companies, large corporations, and enterprises that want to have all the control over their marketing activities to grow sales and increase conversions.

So, what is Google Analytics for businesses? It’s a powerful way to get detailed reports that will show how a website generates traffic, what the main acquisition channels are, what users’ behavior on the site is, and what channels bring better conversions.

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The service collects valuable information from websites and social media automatically. What’s more, Google Analytics integration gives access to all the data and metrics that can help companies to understand why customers stay or bounce off a website to improve content and marketing activities to increase sales.

Also, the service helps businesses to get to know their customers better, see their age, gender, location, and interests. Google Analytics collects all the information needed for the most effective improvements that will take any business to the next level.

Real-time reports enable teams to see how many users there are on the website and what pages they are exploring to analyze this information, take corresponding actions, and increase conversions.

The main thing to know about Google Analytics integration is that it allows creating highly customized reports that demonstrate the metrics that team members need, saving their time and effort by providing the required data fast and in a convenient form.

By integrating Google Analytics with LeadsBridge, companies can benefit from the best features of different platforms to grow a business faster and more effectively. Teams can also request assistance on what is Google Analytics and how to integrate Google Analytics.

Google Analytics features:

  • Deep Insight

    Google Analytics integration is the most powerful way to conduct, analyze, and improve marketing activities of the company. All the variety of features, filters, visual charts, and graphs are available for teams to see in what direction the company moves and decide what to do next.

  • Mobile-Friendly

    It’s possible to use both a web version and a convenient mobile app so that teams can stay on top of the sales activities even on the go and not miss a single detail from a report.

  • Support

    Google has provided its customers with an extensive knowledge base that can help on the way of exploring the service. Even a newbie can get an understanding of how to use the service in order to measure the success of the marketing campaigns and analyze customers’ behavior to make relevant amendments.


Discover all the possible integrations for Google Analytics

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