Facebook Lead Ads are a type of ads specifically designed to collect leads.
In comparison to traditional ads that drive to website landing pages, with Facebook Lead Ads, the process of generating leads on Facebook is much easier. In fact, when users click on a Lead Ad on Facebook they instantly visualize a registration form to leave their data, without leaving the social network. The opt-in forms are pre-filled.
Facebook Lead Ads are optimized for mobile navigation and allow advertisers to easily collect leads from smartphones and tablets. User's data, in fact, are automatically added by Facebook which takes them from their personal profiles.
Google Analytics is a web analytics service. It allows you, for example, to measure the efficiency of your marketing activities and improve your website performances. Google Analytics requires you to install the tracking code on your website or blog. By doing so, you’ll be able to get important insights this tool.
In fact, you can track your website traffic sources and sales if you want to scale your business, it is crucial to understand which are your best source of traffic. There are many ways you can understand where your visitors come from. By default, with Google Analytics tracks referral traffic, social media, etc. However, if you want to create specific campaigns to generate traffic to your website, you can use UTM tags. By using UTM tags, you’ll attach a code to a custom URL of your website, in order to track - at least - a source, medium and campaign name.
If you want to understand with campaigns generate more conversions and sales, you definitely need this. Identify the most successful paid campaigns, by integrating Google Analytics with Adwords, you can analyze your campaigns in detail: bounce rates, subscriptions, conversions, time spent on-site and much more.

What you can do with Facebook Lead Ads and Google Analytics

Create new Google Analytics events with Facebook Lead Ads

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