Discover all the possible integrations for Google Sheets
Google Sheets

Discover all the possible integrations for Google Sheets

Connect Google Sheets with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Google Sheets data.

Google Sheets is a professional and free-to-use web-based application developed by Google for spreadsheet management.

It is currently available in 83 different languages and comes bundled with other professional productivity applications like Google Docs and Google Slides. The application works with Google Drive – a cloud computing service by Google.

It is a cross-platform application that works with all major operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Furthermore, this application creates documents ensuring extended compatibility with Microsoft Excel and other office platforms.

The application focuses on providing the user with mobility and maximum portability. As the files are always on the cloud, they can be accessed from anywhere in the world by using any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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The versatility of this Google Sheets means it’s useful for both personal and corporate use. Corporations use Google Sheets to manage work, primarily when it’s spread between multiple employees.

Google Sheets makes it possible to work on spreadsheets while working across multiple computers and locations. Moreover, changes are almost immediately made thanks to the real-time revisions. It also provides revision history as a risk management feature to undo unfortunate or unnecessary edits.

When multiple individuals manage a single spreadsheet, the feature of roles comes in handy, which enables the original creator of the file to give specific rights to certain people.

Google Sheets also features the ability to create graphs and charts using data included in the document. This feature is called ‘Explore’ and uses artificial intelligence.

The user doesn’t need to create these visuals manually, which cuts down the time and adds to the actual productivity.

The maximum number of cells is capped at five million; thus space never runs out. This also helps in the long run as data is stored on the cloud and doesn’t consume local hard drive space.

Google Sheets minimizes the risk of data loss as all data is stored on the cloud. Any changes to the content are automatically backed up, and data can be accessed from anywhere at all times. Furthermore, the revision history of a document can also be checked, and changed by multiple users can be tracked easily.

By integrating Google Sheets with LeadsBridge, companies can positively streamline their workflow. By using LeadsBridge, companies can synchronize their Google Sheets documents across the board. This is useful when there is a document containing a large amount of data that has to be synchronized with a CRM.

The primary benefit of Google Sheets is the portability that comes with it. Google Sheets Integration to the cloud doesn’t only provide a dynamic workflow but ensures the safety of documents in the event of an accident. Google Sheets is also very easy to integrate into a regular workflow and contains numerous smart features to enhance overall efficiency and productivity.

Its ease of use and portability are unmatched compared to other competing applications. The ability to save and sync everything directly on the cloud brings versatility and convenience. It can potentially save hundreds of hours annually in terms of sheer productivity.

Apart from that, users can incorporate formulas into their documents to get quick results. The AI aspect of Sheets helps create charts and graphs in a matter of seconds.

Google Sheets features:

  • Portability

    Google Sheets is cross-platform while using it on a Windows PC, one can immediately switch to an Android/iOS Tablet, and everything resumes from where it was left off. Google Sheets Integrates seamlessly with a range of online services such as Gmail.

  • Cloud Integration

    Cloud Integration means that data is always online and accessible. It’s always available for viewing and editing. Google Sheets integration features also support integration with Gmail.

  • Revision History

    Never make an accidental save ever again. Cloud integration allows tracking and control of revisions and changes. Backup is always present, and changes can be reverted in case of an unfortunate or unwanted edit.

  • Compatibility

    Google Sheets creates files that are compatible with other applications such as Microsoft Excel. These two programs can be used simultaneously. Google Sheets Gmail Integration also allows the user to add data to the document straight from Gmail.


Discover all the possible integrations for Google Sheets

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