Discover all the possible integrations for Google Ads lead form extensions
Google Ads lead form extensions

Discover all the possible integrations for Google Ads lead form extensions

Connect Google Ads lead form extensions with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Google Ads lead form extensions data.

What is Google Lead Form Ads? Google Lead Form Ads extensions for search ads change the game for both consumers and marketers. By bringing lead generation modules into Google search, this new ad extension allows advertisers to capture high-intentioned researchers directly on Google's search results pages.

The extensions of Google Lead Form Ads will be displayed below the search ad on mobile and tablet devices. They will allow a user to provide their contact information directly via the announcement on the SERP. This replaces the need for a user to visit mobile sites to convert. If the user has already logged into their Google account, they will reach a form hosted on Google already pre-filled with their contact details and can immediately convert it with a simple click.

The native form allows collecting contact data such as name, email, postal code, and telephone number. All this can be done without having to create landing pages or web forms and without the user having to leave Google. Google will automatically pre-fill the fields in which it contains information on how to make the user experience even more comfortable.

With the Google Lead Form Ads extension for search ads, it is possible to test lead module extensions in Search Ads by selecting Lead as the goal of search campaign and selecting "Submit lead forms" as a way to reach the goal.

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The beauty of Google Lead Form Ads is that they create a simplified experience both for the consumer looking for an answer to his questions and for the marketer looking to promote their product to the most relevant public.

In generating digital leads, it is essential that leads receive the communications they expect precisely when they expect it. Make sure that sales and marketing teams are notified when a lead is created and have access to all the lead data they need to follow. Google Lead Form Ads CRM integration sync allows sending all lead data directly to CRM or DMS in real-time, eliminating the need to download and upload CSV files manually. Moreover using LeadsBridge companies can use Google Lead Form Ads integration with over 370 tools.

Google Ads lead form extensions features:

  • Capture Contacts In The Market

    Add forms to Google Lead Form Ads for high-intent keywords such as to boost lead generation from Google

  • Pre-filled Forms

    Google Lead Form Ads will automatically pre-fill the lead forms with the data already present on the users who have logged in, making it even easier for a lead to submit a form

  • Convert Audience Faster

    Providing a much simpler user experience means that there are fewer barriers for leads to submit their data

  • Highly Relevant Ads

    Google Lead Form Ads appear based on a searcher's history and involvement in Google services

Discover all the possible integrations for Google Ads lead form extensions

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