Discover all the possible integrations for Convertri

Discover all the possible integrations for Convertri

Connect Convertri with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Convertri data.

Convertri is an effective funnel and landing page creator that also enables companies to accelerate page loading speed and extensively broaden audiences.

Fast funnels and landing pages are the core elements of a successful marketing strategy that will bring new customers, increase sales, and raise brand awareness. Convertri integrations are a perfect solution for SMB companies that want to improve their marketing practices and achieve tangible results significantly.

Among the main Convertri features, there is everything a team needs to grow a business. These include advanced analytics, convenient landing page creator, eCommerce integrations, and other useful tools Convertri integrations can provide activities.

After companies integrate Convertri, they can use an easy funnel and landing page builder with a simple drag-and-drop feature to save time and effort. Among the Convertri features, there is an opportunity to share and import all funnels and pages created and send them in a few clicks to colleagues or business partners.

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To create a landing page, a team can use access to all the variety of fonts, images, and styling features. It’s possible to add popups as well as sticky headers and to use a background video to enhance the impression from a landing page. It’s never been easier to select and edit elements to come up with the most well-designed and eye-catching pages.

The opportunity to import an already existing page to the service is one of the most useful Convertri features. None of the team efforts will be left behind, and it will be possible to keep working on already existing pages for faster results.

In addition to funnels and landing pages, the platform allows businesses to create their custom shopping carts, checkout pages to increase conversions and sales.

There is a tool that enables companies to create responsive mobile pages and tailor them to devices their customers use the most nowadays. All elements can be converted automatically to facilitate the process.

The service makes it easy to publish all pages with free hosting, custom domains, Wordpress plugins, and quick editing options. A company can cancel their paid hosting account and use a free Convertri domain with a personal account for their pages.

In addition, a company will get free SSL as it’s a part of the service provided. There is no need to waste time and budget on the complicated certificate setup process.

Funnels and tunnels created will open in a blink of an eye, so a company never loses a prospective client because a page loads way too long. The loading speed will amaze not just visitors but the team itself.

If a company decides to integrate Convertri, they will get access to dozens of pre-designed templates that will make a funnel creation process much easier. It won’t take much time and resources to come up with a well-designed funnel that will drive sales.

Convertri integrations with LeadsBridge will ensure companies get a wide range of features that will help on the way towards the most efficient and highly converting marketing activities that will benefit business development.

Convertri features:

  • Convenient Editor

    With a simple and easy-in-use editor, anyone can change and improve funnels to publish them for future business success.

  • Advanced analytics

    A business can get a deep insight through detailed visual analytics into all users’ activities to measure the success and make improvements if needed.

  • Effective Testing

    Convertri integrations will split traffic evenly between pages a company wants to test to evaluate the effectiveness and decide what works and what doesn’t.


Discover all the possible integrations for Convertri

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