Discover all the possible integrations for Qualtrics

Discover all the possible integrations for Qualtrics

Connect Qualtrics with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Qualtrics data.

What is Qualtrics? It is one of the leading experience management platforms, specially created to deliver extraordinary employee, brand, product, and customer experiences for improved engagement and productivity.

Qualtrics offers a suite of unique services to manage the experiences of different business stakeholders. CustomerXM delivers real-time insights for informed decision making and improved customer engagement.

The system powered by artificial intelligence automatically reviews interactions occurring through social media, phone calls, and third-party review websites. It brings all the operational data into a single customer-centric database.

All feedback is automatically evaluated by Qualtrics iQ to reveal different trends and patterns to predict customer behavior with the utmost precision. Moreover, tailored insights and required actions are auto-generated and reach the right people right away without any delay enabling them to focus on driving customer satisfaction, expenditure, and brand loyalty.

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Qualtrics EmployeeXM provides businesses with insights required by decision-makers to reduce the bottlenecks and weaknesses in employee experience to enhance engagement. They get frequent feedback and the help needed to optimize training for producing tangible results both in terms of development and performance.

It also helps companies in finding out the essential features that are highly regarded by the people backed by in-depth studies for identifying ideal benefits that fit the budget. Qualtrics EmployeeXM also enables businesses to get new employees up to speed effectively at a much better place to ramp up productivity and performance.

Qualtrics also offers a ProductXM package that allows businesses to get user feedback at every phase of the product life cycle. Organizations can turn that information into a successful product that drives growth, revenue, loyalty, and usage. Stats IQ delivers statistics and analytics required for better decision making.

The optimization feature included in the suite helps businesses to build the ideal product at the right price point through quick and convenient conjoint analysis. Organizations can pick their features, and the intuitive simulator presents them with a model of real-world tradeoffs that customers might have to make.

BrandXM by Qualtrics enables businesses to understand their target market, brand performance, and competition through statistical and real-world perspectives. It helps users to strengthen their brand equity, improve perceptions about their brand, and drive growth and revenues that are sustainable in the long run.

Advanced analytics delivered by Qualtrics Brand XM include Driver iQ and Text iQ. The first one focuses on key drivers of product experience like pricing, service quality, and support. On the other hand, the latter uncovers deep insights hidden in the textual interactions and conversations. With a click of a button, businesses can learn about the sentiment around their brand that is currently prevalent in the online spheres.

Apart from being a complete experience management solution, Qualtrics integration with a wide range of digital tools such as LeadsBridge can help businesses increase their reach. For instance, Qualtrics Salesforce integration can bring all the customer and product data together, giving businesses access to a single platform for every big decision and long-term strategy.

Qualtrics features:

  • AI-Powered Predictions

    All experience management platforms offered by Qualtrics use AI to analyze and evaluate data to make accurate predictions for improved decision making.

  • Automated Actions

    Businesses can predefine specific conditional actions that are triggered automatically without any delay to ensure optimized performance.

  • Text IQ Brings In-depth Analysis

    The experience management suite doesn't only evaluate the distinct factors but digs deeper into conversations and interactions to uncover hidden sentiment.

  • Data-Based Experience Modelling

    Organizations can use Qualtrics to develop perfect pricing and product models that simulate real-world tradeoffs for customers.


Discover all the possible integrations for Qualtrics

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