Discover all the possible integrations for Wufoo Forms
Wufoo Forms

Discover all the possible integrations for Wufoo Forms

Connect Wufoo Forms with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Wufoo Forms data.

Wufoo Forms is an online form building software with a cloud-based interface that allows the users to create online forms and surveys without having to write the actual HTML code. With Wufoo forms integration, users get a wide variety of templates of online forms and surveys which they can use to collect relevant data and generate new leads. Users can also collect payments with Wufoo Forms.

Wufoo Forms has a straight forward drag n drop interface that assists users in creating personalized online forms and surveys easily. Users can create their own custom made online forms, or they can also choose from the hundreds of Wufoo Forms examples or templates available on the website.

By using or customizing Wufoo’s ready-to-go themes, users can create forms with the colors of their company’s logo and designs of their choice. Wufoo Forms also offers custom branding features with which users can add business logos and other branding elements to their forms. This feature makes sure that the form of every consumer is special and individualized according to the unique needs of their business.

Another feature offered by the software is that it allows business and store owners to accept payments, donations and event fees. Users can collect payments by hooking their form with one of Wufoo’s many payment partners like Paypal, Stripe, and

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With Wufoo’s online forms users can also collect all sorts of files and access them whenever they need through their Wufoo Forms account. The users are notified by Wufoo Forms as soon as someone completes a form or a survey. On completion of a form, the users are informed via text message or an email.

Wufoo Forms also allows its users to create reports which help them in understanding and managing their data. Users can also build their own custom reports through their account.

Consumers can save up a lot of time and focus on more important things with many of Wufoo’s integrations and automated workflow. With this software, forms can be linked with many business tools and natively integrated. Automated workflows, form data, and information can be transferred to CRM and marketing automation systems easily.

Users can elevate the respondent’s form filling experience by customizing the rules. This feature will surely help the users in attaining excellent reviews which will, in turn, assist in generating new leads.

The data export service of this software means the data and information from the forms can be exported to any software. Similarly, businesses can integrate Wufoo Forms with their technological stack to increase overall efficiency and performance.

Wufoo Forms also offers a first-class security system as one of its security features includes 256-bit SSL encryption. All of the data received by Wufoo Forms its consumers are secured in 256-bit SSL encryption before it is sent to the servers.

Smart CAPTCHA is another Wufoo’s security feature that blocks any sort of spam that a user is maybe receiving. Wufoo’s servers are protected in a SOC 2, type II, audited data fortress, which is itself protected by a world-class security system to make sure that the user’s data is safe and protected.

Wufoo Forms features:

  • Form Templates

    Users can make full use of the provided templates of a variety of forms or create their own with customized branding and aesthetics.

  • Supports Payments

    With Wufoo forms, businesses can provide their customers with the ability to make payments right away, ensuring convenience and great service.

  • Exceptional Security

    With all the major security standards in place, data transferring and storage remain exceptionally secure, ensuring the brand’s reputation and integrity.

  • Data Export

    Wufoo allows organizations and users to export their data to their favorite software through robust and versatile integrations.


Discover all the possible integrations for Wufoo Forms

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