Discover all the possible integrations for Facebook Instant Articles Forms
Facebook Instant Articles Forms

Discover all the possible integrations for Facebook Instant Articles Forms

Connect Facebook Instant Articles Forms with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 370 integrations to get the most out from your Facebook Instant Articles Forms data.

Facebook Instant Articles Forms or simply known as Instant Articles, is a unique reading format designed for mobile devices. With Facebook Instant Article Forms integration, brands can serve articles to their audience that load four times faster as compared to the mobile web across different devices and regions. It results in improving engagement and lowering bounce rates.

From a technical perspective, a Facebook Instant Article is an HTML document with a vastly improved load time. It gives brands the ability to deliver impactful stories about their products in a customized and branded article format that is designed to render quickly on mobile devices. An Instant Article can be created using a standardized markup language that's similar to XML. It helps businesses make their brand stories come alive with unique and distinct styles and interactive immersion.

Facebook Instant Articles offers a much more robust, flexible, and immersive reading experience for the users. Facebook users open 44% more articles if they're published using Instant Articles instead of a mobile link. This delivers higher audience engagement with improved traffic for article publishing brands.

Apart from that, Facebook Instant Articles brings a powerful monetization feature that brands can utilize to enhance their revenue stream. To drive business growth through monetization, brands can use Instant Articles to extend directly sold advertisements, develop native content, and fill ad inventory using Facebook Audience Network.

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Users also get the option to add a call to action or CTA to their Instant Articles allowing them to develop a direct relationship with their loyal fanbase on Facebook. The CTAs show up inline in the brand's Instant Articles and have the same quick loading speed and response times that readers are accustomed to enjoying in Facebook Instant Articles.

Call-to-action or CTAs can be used to compel readers to take a specific action, including installing an app, like a page, and sign up for an email newsletter. All of these CTA units are customizable using a self-service management flow, and businesses can review the performance of each unit through a dedicated insights page.

Through smart and versatile integration, brands can import the content of all Facebook Instant Articles directly from their CMS through a third-party plugin like WordPress, Atavist, or Drupal.

The content is served through Facebook Instant Articles can be connected through an RSS feed as well. The RSS feed can integrate seamlessly with Facebook by automatically syndicating new posts as Instant Articles as soon as the user hits the publish button.

Once a business has set up Instant Articles, they have complete control over which posts to publish. It means that a brand can choose to publish just a select few or their entire blog. This can be done through the Publishing Tools feature present in the Library.

Facebook Instant Articles Forms features:

  • Quicker Load Times

    Facebook Instant Articles load at least four times faster compared to the mobile web allowing for improved engagement and immersion for the readers.

  • Add Responsive CTAs

    Using highly responsive call to action, brands can use the articles to prompt their readers to take a specific action like installing an app or liking their page.

  • Monetize Content

    With Facebook Instant Articles, businesses have a multitude of ways to monetize their content, including directly sold ads.

  • Integration with RSS and CMS

    Instant Articles provides complete control over content delivery by enabling integration with a vast majority of CMSs as well as RSS feed.


Discover all the possible integrations for Facebook Instant Articles Forms

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