Discover all the possible integrations for WhatCounts

Discover all the possible integrations for WhatCounts

Connect WhatCounts with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 370 integrations to get the most out from your WhatCounts data.

WhatCounts is a progressive email marketing platform that helps businesses with campaign execution to broaden audiences, increase conversions, and achieve growth.

Email marketing activities can significantly impact the results of any marketing strategy. A platform that helps make these activities highly converting and more effective is needed for any SMB company as well as for large corporations that want to optimize their marketing routine and achieve better results. In this case, WhatCounts integrations will be a perfect solution that will satisfy all the requirements and will guarantee the ultimate email marketing strategy success.

WhatCounts features include everything a company needs to conduct effective marketing activities. With WhatCounts email service, a team will be able to acquire new customers faster and establish smooth communication via emails.

A simple drag-and-drop builder makes it possible to create beautiful emails with minimal efforts. No coding skills are required to create a flawless and mobile responsive email that will draw customers’ attention. Free templates are available to choose from. The integration of eye-catching forms and popups is also possible to increase engagement.

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WhatCounts integrations enable advanced user segmentation based on their product preferences, purchases to predict their next choice, and make the message more relevant and personalized.

WhatCounts email service offers companies to create cross-channel campaigns to maximize reach. A team can easily map the subscriber’s lifecycle to define the right time to send a message. Personalized complex campaign creation will take a few minutes. Workflow builder will also help a team automate some email marketing tasks to make the process as efficient as possible. Campaigns can be launched not just via emails but also through social media and Google Ads.

A company will be able to create beautiful and eye-catching landing pages that will also increase the conversion rate. It will certainly help a team achieve their goals and make a marketing campaign more tailored to ensure the unique experience for their customers.

Data integration services will enable companies to get access to clean data to work on a future marketing campaign that will impress. All the info needed can be found in one single place with no need to jump from one page to another.

With advanced WhatCounts features, a team will be able to access analytics to get a deep insight into all activities and optimize processes for better results. All key metrics are visualized through graphs and charts for better understanding and easy data processing.

WhatCounts integrations with LeadsBridge is an extremely effective solution that will enhance the existing set of features and will give access to additional tools that will help a company on their way to development and growth.

WhatCounts features:

  • Versatility

    WhatCounts features will be a perfect match for any industry such as retail, media and publishing, eCommerce, travel, hospitality, and finance.

  • Powerful Automation

    WhatCounts email service enables companies to use advanced tools to automate routine tasks such as segmentation to launch personalized campaigns with ease.

  • Easy to Use

    WhatCounts integrations are pretty simple in use. A business will access straightforward interface and complete support of a dedicated team that will readily assist with marketing strategy creation and implementation.


Discover all the possible integrations for WhatCounts

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