Discover all the possible integrations for SAP

Discover all the possible integrations for SAP

Connect SAP with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 370 integrations to get the most out from your SAP data.

SAP is a renowned multichannel marketing platform that allows businesses to nurture leads through engaging contacts.

It is a collection of fully-integrated applications, including the SAP CRM that delivers comprehensive marketing resource management (MRM) solutions.

These options include marketing solutions for resource management, big data analytics, social media marketing, loyalty, and multichannel campaigns, as well as segmentation.

Recently, SAP presented the SAP CRM integration with analytics, mobile, collaboration, and social media functionalities under a new name, SAP 360 Customer.

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Companies can leverage SAP integration to engage with customers in emails, social media, and other communication channels.

In today’s marketing dynamics, cultivating relationships with customers is emphasized. For this reason, companies try to understand consumer insights, improve front-line efficiency, and streamline core processes related to customer touchpoints.

Apart from that, businesses have to always adapt swiftly to industry and customer requirements. With SAP CRM integration, it is possible to realize these objectives without hassle.

SAP provides immense benefits to marketing, sales, and customer service departments. It is quite flexible, allowing businesses to develop their rules within the SAP structure.

These guidelines, in turn, determine the parameters for approved and unapproved transactions. For instance, SAP will not process any entry if there’s no balance.

Apart from that, SAP allows businesses to choose the members that have access to various sections of the SAP environment. This way, it ensures that only approved users have access to personal information of customers. What’s more, SAP integration allows for sharing its data with other secure databases.

The standout characteristics of SAP are sales force and marketing automation, reporting and analytics, customer support, integrations, and mobile-friendliness.

With sales force automation, SAP enables teams to manage customer accounts, contacts, sales opportunities, daily tasks, products, price lists, among other essentials.

By allowing marketing automation, this tool allows users to perform effective email marketing campaigns, campaign management, lead management, and analysis of marketing tasks.

Companies can benefit from the reporting and analysis feature, too. It allows them to access detailed reports of the data within the system.

Apart from that, this feature makes it possible for companies to make predictions based on historical trends. The integration feature is quite useful to businesses, as well. SAP integration provides users with the ability to adjust and get data from the tool.

Thanks to LeadsBridge and SAP CRM integration, businesses can get better access to more channels for promoting their brands. For instance, with the SAP CRM email integration, companies can create and run highly converting marketing campaigns, having an excellent understanding of their target demographic.

SAP features:

  • Marketing Automation

    With SAP, businesses can send automated marketing emails to customers in bulk without hassle. Furthermore, companies can manage leads and campaigns automatically.

  • Customer Support

    SAP makes it possible for companies to offer better customer assistance. It aids in case management, development of functional customer portals, and much more.

  • Reporting and Analytics

    With this feature, SAP allows users to gain access to comprehensive reports on their business operations. In turn, this data can help in analyzing performance and forecasting.


Discover all the possible integrations for SAP

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