Discover all the possible integrations for vTiger

Discover all the possible integrations for vTiger

Connect vTiger with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your vTiger data.

Vtiger is a highly-performing customer relationship management system that has lots of useful features.

It helps to optimize the working process of a company and allows communicating with leads and clients more effectively to increase conversions.

The importance of a quality CRM system is undeniable. It enables businesses to get better control over the operational processes, nurture leads more effectively, and increase conversions.

Vtiger CRM integration is an effective solution that allows SMB companies, as well as large enterprises, to use the system to facilitate their workflows.

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Vtiger CRM helps businesses to capture new leads with ease from websites, emails, social media, and phone calls. New leads will be assigned to the right salesperson automatically, based on their location or language, to close the deal.

Vtiger integration allows companies to increase conversion through effective communication. It is possible to create customized emails that will spur customers to make a purchase or increase brand awareness.

Teams can analyze the bounce, open, and click rates, as well as the number of unsubscriptions to evaluate their email marketing campaigns. Vtiger CRM gives a chance to make a company’s message more personalized and targeted.

Vtiger CRM integration offers an easy email builder with more than 70 pre-designed templates that make the creation process easy and convenient. Vtiger CRM allows editing text, choosing colors, adding media, and sending custom emails to the target audience in one single place.

Vtiger CRM helps companies to close deals faster with pipelines that enable prioritizing deals, paying attention to certain leads or clients, and driving more sales.

The system can also highlight the approximate expected revenue and closure date. It’s possible to add notes and files to the customer’s profile to keep all the info about them handy.

Vtiger integration facilitates the internal team processes and enables businesses to schedule appointments with team members in just a few clicks.

Among the Vtiger features, there is a possibility to add meetings to the calendars of team members. The tool will also send reminders so that the team will stay on top of productivity.

Vtiger features include advanced analytics that enables companies to get a deeper insight into all activities, measure the success level, and make improvements if needed.

It’s possible to see the results through visual graphs and charts. Moreover, there is an option to adjust the dashboard to view the selected metrics only.

Routine tasks automation is one of the most important Vtiger features that allows saving time and creating rules for automation of chosen tasks. This way, a team can concentrate on nurturing leads while the system will automatically send emails, notifications, fill-in forms, etc.

Vtiger CRM integration with LeadsBridge can be beneficial for every business, as it opens access to the various features that complement the CRM and can facilitate and optimize the company’s processes.

vTiger features:

  • Customizable

    Vtiger CRM is very flexible and completely customizable so that businesses can set it according to their needs and goals.

  • Easy to Use

    The system is designed the way that a team can concentrate on working with customers while all the routine tasks will be automated with Vtiger integration to save time.

  • Excellent Support

    In case a team needs assistance with Vtiger CRM integration or features, a qualified support team will provide the help needed.


Discover all the possible integrations for vTiger

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