Integrate NationBuilder with LeadsBridge

Integrate NationBuilder with LeadsBridge

Connect NationBuilder with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your NationBuilder data.

NationBuilder is a powerful software for leaders to build and grow an organization’s community, launch campaigns, raise funds, process payments, and so much more at one single place.

Expanding networks and building a community is extremely important. With the growing number of profit and non-profit organizations, enterprises, it’s of paramount importance to have the specialized software that will allow doing all this. NationBuilder integrations are a perfect solution with powerful potential that will be suitable for companies of different sizes, fundraising, and non-profit organizations as well as politicians.

NationBuilder integrations is an excellent choice for non-profit organizations as it enables teams to find and engage with more active supporters, personalize fundraising emails, offer monthly or annual contributions.

With NationBuilder email integration, it will be possible to build secure and loyal communication with audiences. A team can use dynamic data from a database, create personalized emails, and send the most relevant messages. NationBuilder email integration also enables active users’ segmentation with advanced filters and tags to define the right target group. Besides, a team can see open and click rate, track bounces, unsubscribes, and spam reports to improve email marketing practices in the future.

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The software enables teams to organize events, easily manage them, sell tickets, track attendees. The platform allows organizations to process payments quickly and with the highest level of security as well as maximize contribution and raise more funds with relevant pages.

Besides, with this service, it’s possible to hire volunteers that will help teamwork on an event organizer or with other tasks. Volunteer management has never been easier as a team can give permission and access to specific tasks and data, customize control panel for better efficiency. An organization can provide volunteers with permits to create their events and fundraising pages.

NationBuilder integrations make it possible to create action pages that will spur organization advocates to spread the organization’s message across audiences and communities to increase engagement and raise awareness. A team can create useful pages for sign-up, events, donations, petitions, and so on. Built-in social media will help extend a teams’ reach. Everything will automatically sync with a team’s database. You will get and save detailed supporter profile as well as the full communication history on a website, social media, or via phone calls.

The software can be used by politicians to increase their rating and attract more votes to their campaign. The platform enables teams to create professional pages with ease that will tell people a story in the form of events, petitions, fundraising campaigns, and to integrate compelling and eye-catching CTAs for better engagement. With NationBuilder, it’s possible to use vote pledge pages to collect and assign support levels to a team in a database.

It’s worth noting that all the information a team keeps in a database stays wholly protected and confidential with the best-in-class security.

NationBuilder integrations with LeadsBridge will grant team access to an even more extensive range of tools and features to increase productivity, improve performance, and achieve tangible results faster.

NationBuilder features:

  • Real-Time Data

    A team will stay well-informed with integrated real-time data. It’s possible to get deep insight into activities, create lists, tags, and customize a database for better performance.

  • Integration with Other Services

    NationBuilder Facebook integration is possible as well as integration with other widely used services and applications to facilitate the workflow and increase productivity.

  • Effective Communication

    Advanced communication tools and NationBuilder email integration enable teams to send personalized messages based on the audience’s interest and communication history.

  • Wide Range of Templates

    With ready-to-use themes and templates, building a website will take a few clicks and help better engage with visitors.


Integrate NationBuilder with LeadsBridge

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