Discover all the possible integrations for Pipedrive

Discover all the possible integrations for Pipedrive

Connect Pipedrive with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Pipedrive data.

Pipedrive is a progressive CRM platform that will facilitate communication with clients, make routine tasks more comfortable, and increase sales.

With such technological advancements, every SMB company can benefit from such a useful software as well as real estate professionals for whom Pipedrive has created a customized software to take real estate activities to the whole new level.

Pipedrive allows businesses to utilize highly-performing web forms and chatbots that will generate hot leads and will make all sales efforts more effective. Visual sales pipelines will help a team while working to close more deals. Track each one through all stages and measure the final results through conveniently visualized pipelines. Drag and drop interface makes it even easier on mobile phone or desktop.

The software has implemented artificial intelligence in order to automate some time-consuming administrative tasks to save time for marketing-related activities.

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In addition, AI can be a sales assistant as it can give businesses automated tips on how to increase conversion rates. Smart algorithms will let see the best and worst results, so a company can focus on them, analyze it, and make proper improvements.

To make the communication inside of a team and with clients more effective and smooth, it’s possible to have all the control over the schedule by tracking calls and emails.

A company will have access to advanced reports and insights to monitor, measure the performance, and evaluate success based on set goals. Sales, activity and product reports are available to help improve all operational processes.

Use it on the go with a smartphone as Pipedrive offers an amazing mobile application for various operational systems. A team can sync Google or Microsoft accounts with a Pipedrive account to access a contact list no matter where they are.

All sensitive business data can be safe and protected as employees can control the account access, and it’s possible to monitor each login, device, and time to make sure all the info is used appropriately.

The Pipedrive CRM system is pretty versatile and can be used by businesses in any industry. However, they offer Pipedrive real estate solutions for more productive work.

Pipedrive for real estate enables businesses to automate the daily real estate tasks and track the performance effectively from cold calls to signing a deal. Pipedrive for real estate will allow teams to share the news and foremost information about new property deals with potential clients. Schedule meetings and close deals with ease with Pipedrive real estate.

In the case of Pipedrive real estate integration with LeadsBridge, a company will get a compelling system of customer relationship management with more advanced tools and features to stay on top of all sales and marketing activities.

Pipedrive features:

  • Effective Lead Generation

    Pipedrive for real estate allows businesses to receive quality leads all the time through web forms and chatbots.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Personalize the dashboards and pipelines to monitor and analyze overall performance to improve marketing activities with Pipedrive for real estate and SMB companies.

  • Automated Tasks

    With Pipedrive real estate and business routine task automation, it will be possible to stay focused on more important tasks. Just automate email activities, calendars, messages, and calls in just a few clicks.


Discover all the possible integrations for Pipedrive

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