Discover all the possible integrations for FreshSales

Discover all the possible integrations for FreshSales

Connect FreshSales with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your FreshSales data.

FreshSales is an innovative customer relationship management system driven by artificial intelligence.

It allows companies to score leads, capture their contacts, phones, and emails, as well as track activity to collect valuable data and improve all business-related activities for future development.

An effective CRM system with a wide range of features is integral for SMB companies, as well as for large corporations that want to get more leads and convert them into loyal customers.

FreshSales CRM is an effective solution that can help businesses achieve better results faster and easier.

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Companies are wondering how to use FreshSales for business processes optimization and product development. This amazing tool ensures first-class lead management since a team can identify potential leads and close deals easily.

FreshSales integration showcases how users interact with the product or website to establish personalized communication.

FreshSales CRM can also be used as a phone to call customers and leads to drive more sales. Companies can purchase and assign the numbers to the team members, so it is possible to start working immediately.

With this CRM, teams can distribute and track emails, as well as manage and monitor campaigns to achieve better results. A salesperson will see who opened an email and who clicked on the link, evaluate the engagement, and take appropriate steps to close deals.

How to use FreshSales for internal activities? The platform allows businesses to organize their teams. Leads will be assigned to the specific salesperson automatically to save time and effort.

FreshSales integration enables companies to assign and track tasks, send reminders, make quick notes, and share files.

What is more, FreshSales integration provides access to an intelligent workflow that allows automating some routine tasks, such as sending emails, follow-ups, invoices to save time and enhance productivity.

Team members can set up automated tasks and manage all business processes with ease.

The tool can be especially useful for the real estate industry. FreshSales real estate solutions help to manage deals and engage potential buyers effectively in one single place.

Companies can find more detailed information on how to use FreshSales with other helpful platforms below to gain insight into the valuable features of the system and fully benefit from using it.

FreshSales integration with LeadsBridge provides businesses with an even more advanced set of useful features that allow getting the most of different platforms.

FreshSales features:

  • Advanced Analytics

    With analytics, a business can forecast sales and analyze the existing data to improve marketing activities and make them more targeted and well-performing.

  • App Integration

    It’s possible to integrate FreshSales CRM with various business applications that a team uses more frequently to make the operational processes even more efficient and smooth. Companies can customize reports to get the required data and use visual reports to monitor and analyze more complex data easily through tables and charts.

  • Mobile-Friendly Platform

    FreshSales CRM offers a well-designed and convenient mobile app so that a team can access the account and work on sales activities even on the go to achieve top productivity anywhere at any time.


Discover all the possible integrations for FreshSales

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