Discover all the possible integrations for SuiteCRM

Discover all the possible integrations for SuiteCRM

Connect SuiteCRM with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your SuiteCRM data.

What is SuiteCRM? SuiteCRM is an open-source modular CRM that can be configured for sales, marketing, IT, or services departments in any sector and companies of any size. Intending to help companies increase conversions, increase sales, simplify business workflows, and improve the customer experience, SuiteCRM offers users useful information on customer behavior, leads, accounts, and more. SuiteCRM open-source format allows users to customize modules and features to meet their business needs.

For sales and marketing teams, SuiteCRM can be used to reach a clear overview of leads and opportunities through customizable and classifiable lead lists from which users can access all lead information. The lead management tools within SuiteCRM can facilitate the monitoring of visitor activity, open and closed opportunities, and sales funnels, to guarantee no loss of opportunity. Actions such as email, follow-up, delivery of marketing content, lead assignment, and more can be automated by creating workflows with personalized business logic that determine whether actions need to be taken based on the customer's action or inaction.

Support teams can take advantage of SuiteCRM case management, communications, and self-service tools to create improved customer support experience. The case module can be used to manage customer support requests and questions, and users can record all customer interactions, view contact history, embed template responses, and more. SuiteCRM also facilitates the creation of a knowledge base and a client portal for customer self-service, so that employees have more time to devote to other activities.

With SuiteCRM, companies can interact with their potential customers and existing customers at each point of contact and optimize all the opportunities that arise. Since the software is offered as a free and open-source platform, users can reduce their CRM expenses by 80%.

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With SuiteCRM, it’s possible to have total control over distribution. Users can choose to deploy SuiteCRM in their private cloud or directly on their servers behind firewalls. SuiteCRM offers companies a CRM platform that is free and open-source and ranks among the most popular CRM options available, including Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics. From a functional point of view, SuiteCRM is equipped with the tools and functionalities to serve companies at the company level.

With SuiteCRM integrations, users can create business process models and create flexible and automated actions that can be activated to operate at any time. Users can also create sales pipeline models and design quotes for customers, adjust and control pricing strategies, maintain contract renewals, and monitor lead progress.

SuiteCRM offers one-of-a-kind self-service portals that allow users to provide high-quality interactive support to their customers. Once a support request is made, notifications are immediately sent to the support teams, and customers are immediately notified when the problems have been resolved and resolved.

SuiteCRM is downloadable and usable for free. There is a cost that comes with customization options, and free support is available in the community forum. In contrast, dedicated support services are available for small and medium-sized customers, and unique solutions with dedicated account managers are available to customers of large companies.

SuiteCRM features:

  • 360-degree view

    Get to know customers by creating a central repository for all customers' data that allows obtaining essential information that can be used to improve business relationships

  • Pricing Strategy Control

    Drastically reduce the total cost of ownership with Open Source CRM, which offers the freedom and flexibility to customize the CRM based on the tailored needs

  • Integration

    Increase productivity within your organization by using the open REST API, which allows the integration of CRM with core business systems

  • Open Source

    The Open Source model has a vibrant community that provides constant improvements, texts, and documentation


Discover all the possible integrations for SuiteCRM

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