Discover all the possible integrations for CapsuleCRM

Discover all the possible integrations for CapsuleCRM

Connect CapsuleCRM with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your CapsuleCRM data.

CapsuleCRM is a powerful customer relationship management system that helps companies to build trustful loyal relationships with customers, drive more sales, and spend less time on routine tasks.

An effective CRM system is needed for any company that works with clients as it facilitates communications and makes all processes more high performing. CapsuleCRM automation will be a perfect choice for all SMB companies as well as for large corporations that want to take their connections with clients and sales processes to the next level and achieve tangible results with ease.

CapsuleCRM integration enables businesses to nurture relationships with leads and clients as well as become more organized. With this system, all information will be gathered in one place to easily access it and get a quick glance on all conversation history, customer contacts, preferences details and other core aspects that can make the collaboration more smooth and converting. Teammates can add notes about customers, attach documents, proposals, and store all emails to get the full view on the customer’s profile. A company can easily share all this information with departments and employees to ensure everyone stays up to date.

A team can also categorize clients and follow them on social media with ease to make the communication more personalized. To find customers more quickly, employees can use various filter criteria to search effectively. In addition, it’s possible to record all client’s information in custom fields to store important data in the most convenient way.

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CapsuleCRM automation makes it possible to create, manage, and complete tasks that employees need. Like this, a team will never miss a deadline, new sales opportunity, or an important call. A manager can set the system to repeat certain routine tasks automatically to save time and effort. With CapsuleCRM integration, can capture leads information easily. A business will be able to customize all sales pipelines and milestones to fit operational processes and needs. Teammates can send emails, text messages, and make calls right from the application. With an advanced calendar view, employees will be able to see all tasks, appointments, calls, meetings schedule to stay on top of daily activities.

CapsuleCRM automation also allows a company to customize the look of a CRM to fit a business vision. A team can change the interface, choose a customized logo for the login screen, and choose the color scheme that will be the most appropriate for a company.

CapsuleCRM integration with LeadsBridge will give access to all the variety of extra useful features that will help companies achieve better results with ease.

CapsuleCRM features:

  • Convenient Mobile Application

    With CapsuleCRM integration, a team will be able to use a modern mobile application that enables access to any lead or customer data from any device and even outside the office.

  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics

    A team can get familiar with insightful visualized reports to monitor all aspects of sales to evaluate performance effectiveness.

  • Fully Customizable

    CapsuleCRM automation is the most flexible that will be suitable for any business as it’s possible to adjust it according to any needs.


Discover all the possible integrations for CapsuleCRM

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