Integrate Dyl with LeadsBridge

Integrate Dyl with LeadsBridge

Connect Dyl with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Dyl data.

DYL is a unique phone and communication system that enables companies to easily and effectively connect with leads and clients and nurture long-lasting relationships that will bring bigger revenue.

Communication is an integral aspect of business development. A system that allows a company to connect with clients via phone, chat, messages is needed. A lot of companies are asking a question of how to integrate DYL. All the details can be found on the system’s website. This solution will be perfect for all SMB companies as well as for big enterprises. It will help not just communicate better, but also manage leads and enhance the internal workflow for better results.

DYL integration makes it possible for a team to use the diverse tools and features that will make the communication with leads and clients to the next level while allowing a company to drive more sales. A team will be able to use a real-time dashboard that showcases all current calls. It will be easy to handle all direct calls as well as redirect them to other team members with convenient drag-and-drop functionality.

The service enables a company to use a built-in messaging tool that helps send text messages, attach photos, PDF files from a company business number. A team can personalize all messages and save time significantly by creating templates to facilitate communication. It will be possible to see all message history and track the performance.

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With DYL integration, a business will be able to implement smart workflows that will automate all routine manual tasks to let a team focus on real-life communication with leads and clients. A company can monitor and manage lead calls to provide consistent and timely response and increase conversion. With the service, a company can score leads to prioritize them and channel efforts on those who are more likely to make a purchase.

The platform offers an innovative technology that allows support and sales agents to call a customer in one single click with no need to dial the number manually. When a user opens an email, they will get into the call queue automatically to maximize the results.

The system will capture leads directly from a business website and will redirect them to the available sales manager. DYL will automatically track and record all communication and call details and will save them to the library. The client document storage will be more simple, and a team can open them with cloud access from any device.

DYL integration with LeadsBridge ensures company access to all the variety of extra features that will increase productivity and allow achieving tangible results faster.

Dyl features:

  • Versatility

    DYL is a universal platform that enables a company to combine all communication tools into one service, acquire and retain new clients, as well as maximize efficiency.

  • Powerful Automation

    The service allows teams to create advanced workflows and automate such routine tasks as follow-ups, emails, text messages in one single click.

  • Easy In Use

    DYL integration has a very intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface that makes all processes more straightforward and convenient for a team.


Integrate Dyl with LeadsBridge

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