Generate more leads with the Mindbody + Dyl integration
Mindbody / Dyl

Generate more leads with the Mindbody + Dyl integration

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Quick summary of Mindbody

Mindbody is business management software targeting Health and Wellness companies to help them effectively manage their marketing and business operations. It helps in automating business tasks, including payment collection, confirmations, rescheduling, and payroll processing. Software’s easy-to-use and effective marketing tools allow organizations to stay in touch with their customers and integrate promotions at the point of sale. The marketing tools allow creating custom gift cards and starting promotions and loyalty programs. Clients can conveniently book their next appointment through the website or the Android & iOS app.

Mindbody helps businesses grow by providing them with the necessary tools to effectively manage their resources and automate their business tasks. Clients get to book their appointments as per their convenience using a device of their choice, while their visit history and payment details are stored in a single and easy-to-manage profile. You can link the schedule directly to the website as well as a Facebook page. Different filters like by name, by service, by staff member etc. make sorting the entire schedule easier.

Mindbody can take the customer experience to another level and make it easier for users to manage their appointments right from their phones, but this is no all because with Mindbody you can also managing staff resources more accessible, thanks to organizational features that help organize the team’s work, and schedule employee’s work in a single, easy to manage the place. Payroll can also be processed quickly and without any hassle. A huge plus, Mindbody offers Android and iOS apps.

Quick summary of Dyl

DYL offers an integrated system of sales tools for small businesses looking for features such as sales automation, lead management, automated dialing, and more.

The platform is built to enhance direct marketing campaigns by automating business processes such as call or email follow-ups, appointment setting, and CRM record-keeping.

The DYL Phone Voice System is a hosted VoIP solution that helps manage inbound calls. This PBX system includes a customized IVR that includes extensions for staff, as well as a web interface to manage all the system features. From their own computer screen, users can view inbound call history or voicemails, which are also sent automatically by email. Additionally, Dyl also offers call recording, unlimited local and long-distance dialing, and much more.

What you can do with Mindbody and Dyl

Create new Dyl auto leads with Mindbody

Create new Dyl home leads with Mindbody

Create new Dyl health leads with Mindbody

Create new Dyl renter leads with Mindbody

Create new Dyl life leads with Mindbody

Create new Dyl commercial leads with Mindbody

Update Dyl auto leads with Mindbody

Update Dyl home leads with Mindbody

Update Dyl health leads with Mindbody

Update Dyl renter leads with Mindbody

Update Dyl life leads with Mindbody

Update Dyl commercial leads with Mindbody

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