Discover all the possible integrations for BulkSMS (SMS)

Discover all the possible integrations for BulkSMS (SMS)

Connect BulkSMS (SMS) with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your BulkSMS (SMS) data.

BulkSMS is a two-way bulk SMS service provider that currently operates in over 200 countries and 800 mobile networks around the globe.

The company was established almost two decades ago by Celerity Systems (Pty) Ltd to provide A2P messaging service to individuals, private businesses, and public organizations.

Today, more people are using their mobile phones daily than ever before. As such, the best way for businesses to reach prospective customers with offers, promotions, and other useful information is to target them with SMSs.

BulkSMS enables users to send text messages to thousands of people automatically through their web, desktop, or phone applications.

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A bulk SMS service can be applied to various industries. It suits large corporations and SMEs that need to send updates and notification on product releases, upcoming sales, offers, etc. to a large client base regularly.

This tool can also be useful for organizations working for the public good, such as those in healthcare. Besides, BulkSMS can be utilized by individuals, too.

Some key attributes of BulkSMS include prompt two-way SMS, an email-to-SMS system, delivery, and status reporting, long text sending capability, and SMS API. The tool also offers bulk SMS integration with a variety of platforms.

BulkSMS two-way SMS feature allows businesses to send mass text messages to users on a contact list and also receive responses from customers in the same account. This functionality can be integrated with several platforms.

With the email-to-SMS capability, companies can also use their email clients to send and receive SMSs directly without needing to log into BulkSMS.

The tool’s users can also track SMS delivery and status to know which contacts received the messages. Also, the service doesn’t apply strict restrictions on the message length. Businesses are, therefore, able to send long texts to multiple recipients.

And, with the SMS Gateway API feature and the detailed guide on its use, enterprises can learn how to integrate bulk SMS to their sites, CRM platforms, or apps using BulkSMS REST API.

With bulk SMS integration with LeadsBridge, a business can sync its SMS marketing campaign with automated email and phone calls for better reach and conversions.

This integration can save a business time by eliminating time spent on creating separate ad campaigns for different channels, as everything can be done on one platform. Moreover, it can help to connect with other platforms for easier management.

BulkSMS (SMS) features:

  • 2-Way Local & International Messaging

    BulkSMS allows for sending text messages and receiving responses on the desktop app. Companies can manage the entire process from their accounts, including message status and customer data.

  • Unicode & Long Messages Support

    BulkSMS supports sending Unicode characters, as well as long texts.

  • Incoming Long Numbers

    This bulk SMS service provider enables companies to use virtual numbers created for their accounts to receive replies from customers directly to the BulkSMS account rather than a mobile phone.

  • SMS Integrations

    Bulk SMS integration can be performed with many other helpful tools and platforms, thanks to LeadsBridge.


Discover all the possible integrations for BulkSMS (SMS)

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