Discover all the possible integrations for EZ Texting
EZ Texting

Discover all the possible integrations for EZ Texting

Connect EZ Texting with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your EZ Texting data.

What is EZ Texting? It is an SMS marketing and group messaging service that enables businesses and large enterprises to grow their reach through the most effective medium, which has an open rate of more than 90%.

The service doesn't require any technical knowledge, and even startups can start sending out texts in a matter of minutes. It allows businesses to assign keywords and build lists when customers text a specific word such as 'Subscribe' to a certain number. EZ Texting also provides businesses with simple sign-up forms for collecting new leads and getting new subscribers.

Organizations can also use EZ Texting service for advanced messaging features that are challenging to find elsewhere. These features include recurring messages, text forwarding, and drip campaigns.

Apart from the basic functionality of gathering contacts and sending out texts en masse, EZ Texting also enables businesses to engage their audience through different features. For instance, sales agents can schedule personalized reminders making sure that they don't forget deadlines or their contacts don't lose appointments.

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Businesses can also generate honest feedback about their products and services through text to vote SMS polls. Moreover, they also get the option to make their text messages more engaging through MMS functionality, which allows them to add a photo or video to the text.

With EZ Texting, businesses can use the service to engage in one-on-one personalized conversations with their clients and leads through a standard ten-digit number. If a company has a high volume of texts or is struggling to deal with multiple clients, they can use the dedicated short code service while the iOS app ensures improved versatility and access.

Moreover, EZ Texting can be used for text-to-landline, and businesses can use their existing number to send and receive texts via a web interface. There is also a built-in link shortener, which cuts down the number of characters, so there are more characters available to deliver the actual message.

Creating a contact list with EZ Texting is quite convenient as all a user needs to do is upload the phone numbers and other details through a spreadsheet. They can also add first and last names to every text automatically to give all text messages a personal touch, which is more likely to engage users.

If any business wants to build on the functionality of EZ Texting, they can always rely on EZ Texting integrations, which work seamlessly with their marketing software. EZ Texting integrates with a wide range of solutions, including LeadsBridge, Zendesk, Pie Sync, AWeber, MailChimp, and more.

For improved convenience and effectiveness, businesses can plan and schedule their text message campaigns beforehand. All they have to do is set a date and time, and EZ Texting will do the rest. Businesses also have the option to track the performance of all the campaigns and generate comprehensive reports to develop a better understanding of their target audience.

EZ Texting features:

  • Build Subscribers Base

    EZ Texting provides businesses with multiple features, including simple social media forms that can be used to collect information and feedback.

  • Track Performance & Generate Reports

    With EZ Texting service, brands get the ability to monitor the performance of their campaigns and generate insightful reports for deeper understanding.

  • Scheduled Campaigns

    Businesses also have the option to plan their text marketing campaigns ahead of time and set date and time beforehand to run them according to the plan.

  • Personalized Texts

    EZ Texting allows businesses to add first and last names of every contact enabling personalized marketing campaigns with a potential of higher ROI.


Discover all the possible integrations for EZ Texting

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