Discover all the possible integrations for ClickSend SMS
ClickSend SMS

Discover all the possible integrations for ClickSend SMS

Connect ClickSend SMS with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your ClickSend SMS data.

What is ClickSend SMS? It is the leading business communication solution provider that helps users effortlessly connect with targeted customers and staff members. It offers designed innovative and easy-to-use gateway products that can help in growing business and scaling up future opportunities. From utilizing email marketing tools, bulk SMS gateways to rich messaging, voice, fax, and post services, ClickSend shares ideal marketing platforms and gives ease of communication to all brands.

With ClickSend Business SMS Gateway, business owners can message with ease. It lets users send and receive SMS communication from a mobile device and web-enabled computer. Share multiple text messages globally without any requirement of downloads.

Just sign up and send it from API or dashboard without any hassle. This SMS Gateway app comes with online SMS, ClickSend Email SMS, Bulk SMS marketing, Microsoft Outlook SMS, SMPP API, and SMS Gateway API. Business owners can easily measure success and integrate this SMS Gateway in their business systems.

Sending mass Multimedia Messages is comfortable with Business MMS Gateway application. It can take a brand's business messaging to another level with MMS content enhancing customer engagement. Those business owners who want to share visuals and want to be more creative, MMS Gateway can be their go-to option featuring MMS Gateway API, Online MMS Gateway, Bulk MMS Marketing, and SMPP API.

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Organizations can get in touch with their staff members and customers with rich messaging through Rich Communication Service (RCS) or desired messaging app such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Line, WeChat, and others.

This is an advanced version of messages offering full multimedia content such as audio messages, videos, hi-res photos along with locating, sharing, mapping directions, group chat, and much more. Brands who envision to boost sales can make use of rich messaging, AI, and chatbots.

Beneficial for all kinds of businesses, the Email Gateway application lets users send marketing emails via dashboards and transactional emails via API. In addition, this software can quickly meet the brand owner's needs via bulk email service and SMTP API.

Whether one requires marketing email for commercial purposes or automated and customized one-on-one email for purchases, this app has them covered. Businesses can easily track the real business value with this application as well.

With the use of Text-to-Speech Voice Gateway, any text message can be turned into a voice call via a website dashboard or API. Brands having customers worldwide can share their text to spoken words in three different ways, including online text to speech (TTS), email text to address, and voice API. When messages get ignored, reach out to the targeted audience in the form of a voice call to get the words heard.

Businesses that require sending and receiving fax online can take Fax Gateway assistance. This application lets companies fax more securely and round the clock from anywhere. Now brands can access this software via online fax, email to fax, or fax API.

Quick, easy, and affordable, the Fax Gateway app keeps information confidential. When business owners require mailing documents, online posts can be of help. Using it via dashboard, email, or API, sending physical mail is simple as electronic mail. This smart method is completely automated without any minimum volumes for online posts.

ClickSend offers all-in-one business communication solutions for customers and staff members, helping them send billions of messages locally and globally. This full-fledged service is reliable and provides 24/7 customer support to users.

Business owners can also use the ClickSend SMS integration with thousands of popular apps such as Salesforce, Magneto, Zapier, IFTTT, and many others. Those businesses that aim for efficient internal and external communication throughout can opt for this exceptional service.

ClickSend SMS features:

  • Business Communication Solution

    From SMS Gateway, Voice, Email, Online Post, Rich Messaging, MMS, to Fax Gateway, ClickSend offers various effective communication solutions under one roof.

  • Integration with Other Applications

    ClickSend can be embedded in several applications which business owners use on the go. Integrate this application and streamline business operations.

  • Global Coverage

    ClickSend is providing its SMS solutions globally so that all types of business owners can enjoy seamless communication at an affordable price.

  • Robust Security

    The app ensures safe and secure communication and data storage preventing any data breach and maintaining business integrity and reputation.


Discover all the possible integrations for ClickSend SMS

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