Integrations available for LeadMailBox

Integrations available for LeadMailBox

Connect LeadMailBox with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 370 integrations to get the most out from your LeadMailBox data.

Lead Mail Box is an innovative service that enables effective and simple lead management to nurture long-lasting relationships and drive more sales.

Communication with visitors and leads is important for business growth. A team has to pay extra attention to lead management as it’s imperative to nurture loyal relationships and motivate them to purchase from a brand. Any small to medium company can integrate Lead Mail Box to become more organized and increase sales through effective collaboration with leads.

Lead Mail Box integration makes it possible for a company to organize all clients’ data and access it in the most simple and convenient way. A team will be able to quickly filter, search data, as well as to prioritize it to increase productivity. It will be possible to segment leads and create groups to keep all data clean. Lead Mail Box integration also includes a convenient calendar that will contain all events, tasks, and other reminders not to miss opportunities.

A company can integrate Lead Mail Box to communicate better with leads and website visitors. A team will be able to call a lead in just one single click with no need to dial the whole number. A local presence will display a local caller ID to make the communication more personalized and keep track of all lead-related details.

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Lead Mail Box features include the opportunity to start automated email campaigns that can engage with prospects and motivate them to purchase from a company. It’s also possible to send customizable SMS to always stay in touch with clients and even receive the answer from them. Lead Mail Box integration allows a company to distribute leads to support representatives or sales managers automatically. A few team members can simultaneously access lead data and provide the best experience to potential clients.

A team can fully customize the system to make the usage more simple and convenient. There are 100+ customizable fields for any purpose as well as field templates for the most popular verticals. It will be possible to add and delete columns as well as to rearrange them. The status can be customized as well to fit a company's workflow. Merging PDF-forms with data is also allowed. It’s worth mentioning that all users’ and business data is highly secure and protected.

A company can integrate Lead Mail Box with LeadsBridge to access a wide range of extra tools and features that will help a team achieve better results and attain maximum productivity.

LeadMailBox features:

  • Modern Mobile App

    A team will be able to use a modern and convenient iOS application with an intuitive and user-friendly interface to access Lead Mail Box features even outside the office.

  • Integrations

    A company will be able to integrate Lead Mail Box with a large number of other apps and services that will increase efficiency and optimize the workflow.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Lead Mail Box features include advanced visualized analytics that will help a business track the progress and make proper improvements to always stay on top of activities.


Integrations available for LeadMailBox

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