Integrate Teamleader with LeadsBridge

Integrate Teamleader with LeadsBridge

Connect Teamleader with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Teamleader data.

What is Teamleader? It is a software developed to help brands and companies with customer management, project management, and invoicing. The software makes team collaboration and management of leads and customers trouble-free.

With Teamleader’s CRM, users can centralize all the information regarding customers on a single platform, which can be accessed by the whole team. The software also makes adding contacts easier as users are only required to enter the VAT identification number, and all the information is automatically retrieved and added to the user’s data.

Teamleader integration with Gmail or Outlook accounts helps with improved communication between brands and customers. Users can also employ custom fields to add and save more information crucial for them.

Teamleader comes with a built-in adaptable calendar that allows users to schedule all their phone calls, appointments, meetings on one page. Users can also make a schedule for the entire team to make sure that every individual is on the same page.

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The software also offers an auto-responder that ensures effective communication as every email receives a reply automatically within seconds.

With the Teamleader mobile app, users can carry all the essential information about leads and customers on their phones.

Teamleader allows brands to engage new sales leads by drawing up quotations and getting them signed online. Users can draw customized quotations with their company’s logo and colors. Purchase orders, delivery notes, and order confirmations are also customizable. Users are also notified as soon as someone opens or signs a quotation. The quotation can be converted into an invoice with a single click.

The software also provides a pipeline overview so brands and companies can keep track of their sales. Users can improve the company’s selling rate by automating the sales process with the Teamleader software.

The project management features of Teamleader includes easy project creation. Users can create a project from a quotation, a self-created project template, or from scratch.

Project managers can also create internal and external project reports. These include budgets, the details of each time registration, external costs, and all invoicing information.

Dealers using Teamleader can keep track of their time spent on phones, appointments, or other tasks. The time tracker feature can be used on both phone and PC. With the time tracker feature, users can also monitor time registration per project and billable time per customer.

Teamleader also offers several invoicing features. Invoices can be created easily with a few clicks and can be sent via email or regular mail. Users can create invoices based on a project, quotation, or time registration.

Invoices of multiple currencies can be created so the users can sell to international customers. Several invoices can be processed at the same time using the Teamleader software’s bulk action feature. Users have the ability to set recurring invoices for particular periods. These invoices can also be generated automatically according to a schedule devised by the user.

Teamleader software can integrate with numerous accounting software that is popular among companies and organizations.

Teamleader features:

  • Centralized Platform

    Businesses can bring all the information and data related to their customers on a single platform which is accessible by the entire team for improved operations.

  • Integration with Email Clients

    Teamleader easily integrates with email clients like Outlook and Gmail to provide an enhanced communication channel for customers as well as brands.

  • Built-in Calendar

    With the built-in adaptable calendar, users can schedule their entire day including meetings, phone calls, appointments, and more.

  • Customized Quotations

    Users also have the option to create and pitch customized quotations complete with the branding of the company and get them signed online.


Integrate Teamleader with LeadsBridge

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