Discover all the possible integrations for FLG

Discover all the possible integrations for FLG

Connect FLG with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your FLG data.

FLG is an innovative, easy-to-use CRM system for sales teams that helps businesses effectively manage leads, connect effectively with clients, and automate core processes.

An effective customer relationship management system is needed to manage leads and enhance the sales process. What is FLG? It’s a great choice for small to medium businesses that want to build long-lasting relationships with customers, drive more sales, and grow revenue.

FLG integration allows a company to take the workflow to the next level, automate routine manual processes, as well as get full control of communication with leads and clients. Each user will get access to a dashboard that enables them to view all tasks, activities, emails, and replies of allocated clients to stay focused and productive during the day. A team can filter the view of a dashboard to see all tasks for a particular date as well as see all past and future activities.

What is FLG for a business? This is an opportunity to connect with leads and clients, gain their trust, and engage with them to generate more sales. With FLG features, no opportunity will be ever missed. The system offers all the variety of communication channels to let clients contact a company through the most appropriate platform. A team can send emails, SMS, make phone calls directly from the platform, and make sure clients instantly receive the message. Employees will receive notifications when clients engage with a message, for example, open it or click a link to channel sales efforts on those who are more likely to convert.

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FLG integration allows a company to create email and SMS templates to save time and effort. It can be customized to send the most personalized message. A company can also connect the system to telephony to record calls, make notes, collect all call details. Interactive call scripts are available for sales managers to easily collect the info needed based on the client’s responses. This step-by-step call guide will ensure top-notch customer service while reducing time on training employees.

FLG integration enables a company to use intelligent workflows to automate tasks and increase productivity. The system will automatically send calls or meeting reminders to leads in order to maximize chances to close the deal. The calendar will be updated automatically, and a team can easily see all meetings and appointments booked to plan all tasks accordingly. Intelligent workflows can also schedule and send personalized emails, SMS to ensure the most consistent communication to move through sales processes faster.

A team can combine FLG features with LeadsBridge functionality to make all processes more effective and to achieve tangible results with ease.

FLG features:

  • Integrations

    A team can connect the CRM with other external tools and services to enhance the company’s productivity and efficiency.

  • Marketing Automation

    Multi-functional marketing FLG features enables a company to reach leads and customers faster with automated targeted marketing campaigns that will bring amazing results.

  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics

    With FLG integration, a business can get deep insight and understanding of performance success, measure the results, and optimize all processes.


Discover all the possible integrations for FLG

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