Discover all the possible integrations for Excel Online (.xls .xlsx)
Excel Online (.xls .xlsx)

Discover all the possible integrations for Excel Online (.xls .xlsx)

Connect Excel Online (.xls .xlsx) with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Excel Online (.xls .xlsx) data.

Excel Online is a database and spreadsheet software that is primarily geared towards corporate and professional users. That's why almost all businesses know how to integrate Excel online into their workflow to ensure all the data and information is being managed in an effective manner.

Users and businesses can get Excel Online with an Office 365 subscription. It isn't only an application where users can store the raw data, but they also get the ability to turn it into valuable insights.

With AI-powered enhanced capabilities, Excel Online learns how the users work and organize data to save time and manual effort. For businesses and large enterprises, it can save hundreds of hours annually, cutting down the financial and work burden.

One of the primary features of Excel Online is that it allows users to create spreadsheets using their own templates, enter data into organized and sorted fields and perform calculations on the data to turn it into meaningful information. Calculations can be done using built-in formulas, and users can also write their own.

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The service can be used to perform a variety of manual, automatic, and iterative calculations by using functions to provide accurate and precise results every time. Excel Online integration with a wide variety of plug-ins, software, and applications such as LeadsBridge enables businesses to improve their workflow and overall productivity.

Apart from that, users also get the ability to create graphical illustrations like charts to present their data in an aesthetic and highly comprehensible manner. Features like sparklines, formatting, and tables give users the option to understand their data in better ways. With Excel Online, users can also create forecasts and predict trends with a single click.

Another leading feature of Excel Online is its cloud-based workflow. It means that users can share their spreadsheets with their colleagues who can add their contributions making real-time collaboration easy and efficient. This also cuts down the time required in the back and forth of sending and receiving the same spreadsheet again and again.

Moreover, Excel Online is a universal application, which means that it's available on all consumer devices and operating systems, including macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. Even if the user doesn't have the application, he can always open up the Excel Web version to continue his work.

Excel Online also brings a host of advanced features such as adding data types, time filtering, and conditional formatting. This gives power users the ability to stretch the versatility and flexibility of the service to increase their productivity and add convenience to their workflow that's not possible anywhere else.

Excel Online (.xls .xlsx) features:

  • Data Management & Calculations

    Excel Online provides the most comprehensive spreadsheet solution for storing and managing data and turning it into meaningful information through calculations.

  • Data Presentation

    With the ability to create different types of charts, graphs, and visual illustrations, Excel Online gives its users the ability to present data in the best possible way.

  • Real-time Collaboration

    Excel Online is a cloud-based solution which means users can work on a single spreadsheet simultaneously for improved productivity through real-time collaboration.

  • Advanced Productivity Features

    The service offers a wide range of advanced and niche plug-ins and productivity features that power users can utilize to enhance their workflow.


Discover all the possible integrations for Excel Online (.xls .xlsx)

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