Discover all the possible integrations for ChartMogul

Discover all the possible integrations for ChartMogul

Connect ChartMogul with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your ChartMogul data.

ChartMogul is a data platform and analytics service for subscription-based businesses. With ChartMogul integration, organizations can sort and consolidate their revenue data and evaluate it using industry-leading subscription analytics to get valuable and meaningful insights for improved decision making.

Many SaaS businesses face the challenge of reading their subscription revenue data. ChartMogul makes it easier to explore all that information and provide insightful reporting that uncovers the actual dynamics of the business. It helps companies understand their customers and the effectiveness of their own business and pricing model.

Companies have the option to integrate a wide range of APIs and turnkeys to pull in all the data related to revenue collection and manage it through a single unified platform. ChartMogul supports a variety of services, including Stripe, PayPal, Playstore, App Store, and more. ChartMogul can be connected with all popular subscription billing services allowing SaaS businesses to track and evaluate their revenue data in a single central location.

All businesses have to do is connect their sources, and it takes mere seconds for ChartMogul to see all the data points, including monthly recurring revenue, customer lifetime value, churn rate, and more. Businesses can also acquire real-time insight into their business performance and perform an in-depth evaluation of their data without any requirement for managing spreadsheets or writing code.

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Businesses can also exploit the feature of data and revenue filters, which helps them separately view specific information based on different factors and parameters, including billing cycle, plan group, location, and more. Apart from that, to gain a deeper understanding of their customer, businesses can create their own customized filters for analyzing the lead source, industry comparisons, and NPS score.

Basic insights are available to everyone on the team to keep them motivated and work towards the common goal. Having access to reports and filters allows team members to view the data that directly relates to their department and devise strategies based on meaningful insight and information. They can also use the data to understand how they can fuel business growth.

The service provides a cohort analysis feature that helps SaaS businesses visualize how their subscriptions perform over a certain period of time. They can view customer cohorts based on different factors such as discounts, location, pricing tier, and more to identify the patterns that are responsible for subscriber retention. Using the information, businesses can come up with strategies that promote customer loyalty and sustainable revenue streams.

Businesses can also integrate ChartMogul with their existing digital services to import data from a variety of sources. They have the option to integrate turnkeys, upload CSV files, and import APIs. Native integrations include Braintree, Stripe, PayPal, Chargebee, Chargify, and more.

ChartMogul features:

  • Import Data with Integrations

    Support for turnkey integrations, CSV upload, and API import means businesses can pull data from various sources for better revenue management.

  • Versatile Data Evaluation

    SaaS businesses can evaluate their data through a variety of filters to gather valuable insights to ensure improved decision making and strategy.

  • Data Analytics

    Companies can benefit from industry-leading subscription data evaluation systems to yield information regarding revenue and growth opportunities.

  • Analytics for Entire Team

    Basic data is accessible to everyone to ensure every team can view and gauge their performance based on the statistics and data concerning them.


Discover all the possible integrations for ChartMogul

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