Discover all the possible integrations for ActiveCampaign

Discover all the possible integrations for ActiveCampaign

Connect ActiveCampaign with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your ActiveCampaign data.

ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation software that offers a wide range of tools designed to help businesses of any size acquire, retain, and engage with their customers.

Nowadays, reaching out to potential customers and clients with tailored messages represents an opportunity to improve relationships and increase sales volume.

Through ActiveCampaign, companies can do that. The software, in fact, links email and messaging functionalities, together with an integrated CRM and sales automation features.

ActiveCampaign allows companies to create exceptional marketing workflows and automated follow-up sequences while simultaneously monitoring the behavior of multiple marketing channels.

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Moreover, ActiveCampaign has several advanced features for creating, managing, and optimizing contacts, email campaigns, and automatic series.

Compared to other competing tools, ActiveCampaign has several features that make it more powerful and flexible.

First of all, using ActiveCampaign, it’s possible to create different contact lists.

In addition to this, ActiveCampaign allows adding 'tags' and custom fields to individual user profiles.

The personalized fields may correspond to the information provided by users themselves when completing the form to register for the newsletter.

Tags can be added manually or automatically based on user actions (for example, opening a newsletter or visiting a specific website page).

The lists of users to whom to send the single campaigns or the automatic email series can be segmented using tags, custom fields, and lists. However, ActiveCampaign automation can be also triggered based on the date of registration, clicks on a specific email, and many others.

In short, ActiveCampaign is a powerful weapon for running email marketing campaigns and convert contacts into buyers, customers, students, followers.

ActiveCampaign integrations include WordPress, Shopify, Typeform, and Google Analytics.

The team behind ActiveCampaign has taken the automation of this tool beyond the limits, creating targeting paths beyond imagination.

By observing only the first targeting features to create email marketing funnels, it is easy to realize the power and impact that this tool can have on our business.

Thanks to the integration with LeadsBridge, companies have at their disposal hundreds of ActiveCampaign CRM integrations including the main advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google and LinkedIn ads, landing page builders and many others.

ActiveCampaign features:

  • Send Newsletters

    With ActiveCampaign, users can organize and send email newsletters to an entire list or a specific segment

  • Advanced Segmentation and Targeting

    Personalize emails based on the audience and group them into segments based on all factors

  • Smart Autoresponders

    Get in touch with the audience right away. Send welcome emails, start a welcome series, or automatically deliver transactional emails

  • Advanced Report and Tracking

    Schedule emails by date and time. This feature is perfect for organizing events, holidays, birthdays, and much more

  • Dynamic Content

    ActiveCampaign Dynamic Content allows you to write different messages for different people. In this way, it is possible to send ad hoc messages based on the characteristics of each user


Discover all the possible integrations for ActiveCampaign

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