Discover all the possible integrations for HigherGear

Discover all the possible integrations for HigherGear

Connect HigherGear with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your HigherGear data.

HigherGear is a powerful customer relationship management system that enables teams to manage leads and close more deals with ease.

A CRM system is a must for any company or business that want to optimize their communication with leads and clients, increase engagement, and drive sales. A specialized system will be required for an SMB or large dealership business to effectively track sales, monitor performance, and become more productive. A lot of companies are wondering, “what is HigherGear?”. It is a perfect solution that combines all integral features that will help to achieve success faster.

HigherGear integrations make it possible for a team to fully benefit from a CRM designed for dealers. The user-friendly interface will provide a company with superior lead management. What is HigherGear for a business? A team will have full control over showroom, monitor, and track accountability to maximize all sales opportunities. The platform offers the best-customized solutions for dealers that will take their selling processes to the next level.

With HigherGear integrations, every sale opportunity will be assigned to a particular team member to follow up and effectively establish communication. A team can fully focus on taking care of leads, potential customers, and buyers to close more deals. A company can set the rules to facilitate the working process, create accountability, identify any potential profit loss. The system will define underperforming employees. There are sales-force automation tools that will eliminate all routine, time-consuming work to spend time on real-life communication with leads. Powerful automation will perform all important tasks with no human intervention.

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HigherGear integrations enable a team to use a desk log that is a digital version of a dealership log that is very easy to use and has enhanced performance as well as reliability. Managers will be able to see in just a second all the information related to each employee’s performance to measure efficiency, improve it, and sell more vehicles in the future.

Team members can use this platform to gather trade information quickly. All they have to do is simply enter a VIN into the CRM or scan it with a mobile application, and a sales rep will instantly get all pricing from multiple sources to easily identify vehicle value. In addition, staff can also get instant access to the number of prospects that are looking for a certain vehicle.

HigherGear integrations with LeadsBridge give companies access to a wide range of additional features that can optimize operational processes and enhance results.

HigherGear features:

  • Ease of Use

    The platform is very simple; a team will be able to easily navigate the CRM and get all data required from one single entry point to use it conveniently

  • Great Mobile App

    The unique application enables a team to access all data and manage leads and sales from any device at any time, even outside the office, to seize the hottest opportunities.

  • Forms

    There will be no need to re-write the same customer information and waste time. The system will automatically record all data throughout the CRM to focus on more important tasks.


Discover all the possible integrations for HigherGear

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