Discover all the possible integrations for Activix CRM
Activix CRM

Discover all the possible integrations for Activix CRM

Connect Activix CRM with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Activix CRM data.

Activix CRM is designed to help brands and companies manage their leads and sales processes. With Activix CRM integrations, brands can improve their conversions and sales processes. The software offers several features that help dealers make smarter marketing decisions.

How to integrate Activix CRM? Using Activix CRM features, dealers, and brands can easily manage their online leads with one of the most advanced internet lead conversion systems. The phone-up feature allows users to automatically integrate all first-time incoming calls without having to change their phone system.

With the finance and equity mining module of Activix CRM, users can easily manage leasing and financing portfolio while the Activix CRM advanced showroom manager enables dealers to scan driver licenses, VIN barcodes to add all sorts of other information about leads and clients and car exchanges, directly to their CRM.

Businesses have the option to centralize all of their communication channels like emails, texts, and phone to streamline and enhance the flow of communication with clients. Activix CRM automation allows users to create their own workflows, tasks, push-notifications, and they can stay connected to their clients at all times with auto-responders.

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Activix CRM also has its personal appointment and campaign assistant called Nio-text; it connects automatically with the user’s DMS and is able to book appointments and send confirmations to customers of both sales and services departments.

To further improve the relationship of a dealer with its clients, Activix CRM has its dedicated mobile app. Using this app, dealers can communicate with their clients through direct messaging, which also allows them to send photos.

Activix CRM also specializes in phone and web training. Training is provided to the two most client-centric departments i.e., sales and services department teams, to help brands enhance their sales performance and boost their revenue.

The progress dashboard provides valuable insights into the dealer’s sales performance. Users can keep track of every call taken by an advisor, and they can look at the ratings of experts on every call. Dealerships can also initiate their BDCs or improve the ones they already have with Activix CRM’s modern BDC training strategies and tools.

The call center services of Activix CRM allows users to scale their dealership businesses. The continuously-trained BDC agents improve the customer approach by communicating with the dealership’s clients and ease the sale process.

With Activix CRM, dealers can create their brand’s website with Wordpress. The website allows dealers to provide highly targeted content for each and every unique client based on their historical engagement data. Additional varied content is also provided on the website to keep every distinctive client interested. Easy-to-find content sections and different options to enhance the navigation abilities of users are also present on the website.

Activix CRM also offers options for deep analysis and reporting to maximize efficiency. With precise reporting, dealers can segment their leads according to the source, sales consultant performance, activity level, profitability, etc.

The Activix CRM innovative calendar adapts to the specific requirements of every dealer. The advanced filtering option makes everyday inspection easier, and all the calls, emails, or messages can be managed on the same page.

Activix CRM features:

  • Comprehensive Data Analytics

    The tool offers a dashboard with all the data and figures, including insightful information required by businesses to make the right decisions.

  • Finance & Equity Mining

    Through a versatile finance and equity mining module, users get the option to manage their leasing and finance portfolios.

  • Personal Assistance

    The built-in personal assistant allows users to automate a number of their day to day tasks freeing up time for high priority tasks.

  • Create a WordPress Website

    With Activix CRM, businesses and users have the option to create their own customized WordPress website with engaging content.


Discover all the possible integrations for Activix CRM

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