Discover all the possible integrations for DealerSocket

Discover all the possible integrations for DealerSocket

Connect DealerSocket with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your DealerSocket data.

DealerSocket is a revolutionary suite that integrates automotive software solutions used by franchised and independent car dealers to increase revenues, improve and automate their marketing/sales processes, and offer excellent customer experiences. LeadsBridge offers various DealerSocket integrations with the main Advertising platform like Facebook and LinkedIn, in order to improve the quality of your campaigns and results.

DealerSocket provides resellers with the tools they need to launch strategic marketing campaigns and reach the right customers at the right time with the right message. The DealerSocket suite simplifies sales pipelines by allowing sellers to perform critical tasks directly from their mobile devices. Sales tools are also included to gain insight into the dealership's performance, track and manage phone calls, analyze website activity, and follow up on prospects.

DealerSocket helps retailers improve the way they provide services to customers. Customers can access service offerings tailored to their specific needs and schedule service appointments conveniently. DealerSocket also has service reporting features that allow resellers to find out which services are generating the most revenue. The automotive software suite will enable dealers to easily acquire loyal customers and build lasting relationships with customers, offering them the opportunity to interact with them on social media. Users can also publish surveys to confirm whether a customer is satisfied with the dealership or not and to identify areas of opportunity.

DealerSocket offers an integrated dealer management system or DMS that assists independent car dealers in the efficient performance of their activities, including inventory management, cost monitoring, accounting, and dealership reporting. Finally, the suite offers a powerful action mining tool. This tool allows resellers to interact with potential customers who may generate higher revenues even before competitors discover them.

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Besides, DealerSocket offers a suite of perfectly integrated products to help retailers sell and repair vehicles more profitably while improving the experience of their customers. The DealerSocket product suite includes advanced CRM, digital marketing and innovative websites, robust vehicle inventory management, in-depth analysis of analytical reports, and solutions to simplify dealer operations such as Desking, Credit Reporting, Compliance, and retailers.

DealerSocket CRM offers the possibility to manage phone calls and analyze website activities. The suite has a CRM system in which all the telephone calls made by the sellers are recorded, which include both incoming and outgoing calls. When a seller is unable to make a call or receive a call, he is automatically notified. When it comes to analyzing website activity, the suite can link keywords used by site visitors to phone calls. In this way, users will be able to launch new campaigns or follow-ups tailored to the preferences and needs of visitors to the site.

DealerSocket also automates and revolutionizes the dealership sales processes. It has a mobile app that allows sellers to perform critical activities directly from their mobile devices such as scanning vehicle information numbers, monitoring inventory, distributing electronic brochures, and communicating with customers and leads.

DealerSocket features:

  • Websites And Digital Marketing

    Increase the Return Of Investment of your marketing with websites and digital solutions tailored to your needs and attract more customers to your shop.

  • Digital Retail

    Your customers can easily configure the desired offer online and move effortlessly from the website to the showroom, with a simple click.

  • Stock Management

    DealerSocket works with you to improve your inventory strategy.

  • Equity Mining

    Simplify your customer data and bring it back to your shop.

  • CRM

    Simplify workflows, automate the sales and marketing pipeline, and create productive relationships with your customers through a personalized but straightforward car buying experience.


Discover all the possible integrations for DealerSocket

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