Discover all the possible integrations for Absolute Results
Absolute Results

Discover all the possible integrations for Absolute Results

Connect Absolute Results with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Absolute Results data.

What is Absolute Results? It is a leading automobile marketing service that helps dealers to engage more customers and car buyers by employing intelligent marketing tactics. The company specializes in salesperson training, database marketing, and private sales events.

The goal of Absolute Results is to get each and every member of the dealer’s business on the same page by employing their trademark VIP sales process to improve sales and gross margin. Absolute Results integration allows dealers to capture new leads via the internet that aids in increasing their floor traffic. And the key feature is the implementation of an effective and thorough training program to develop skills of the salespeople.

Absolute Results has devised a new robust retailing strategy, which is called the VIP sales process. This effective selling system consists of three stages that enable car dealerships to engage more customers and increase their sales.

In the first stage, the company’s team of talented marketing specialists examines the database of a particular dealer, and after a deep analysis and discussion, they recognize new opportunities to engage more clients.

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The company’s omnichannel marketing strategy ensures thorough communication with each and every unique client of the dealer. With this marketing approach, dealers are able to satisfy the distinctive preferences and requirements of every client, enabling them to provide high-quality service.

The second stage is probably the most crucial one. In this stage, the company trains and hones the skills of a dealer’s sales team. The company’s innovative training program has a huge impact on the performance improvement of the salespersons. This training program increases the potential of a dealer to book more and more appointments and attract new customers.

The third stage involves showroom activation; this is the stage where all the steps and efforts congregate. In this event, trained professionals ensure that every potential customer who is a part of the event receives an exceptional experience. With this approach, a high number of customers leave the event in a new vehicle.

Absolute Results has two teams of hardworking, innovative, and talented people that keep this company on top of its game.

The marketing team consists of skillful and accomplished data analysts, marketing specialists, software engineers, graphic designers, and account managers. The company only hires individuals that are familiar with this line of work and understand the 30-day cycle.

The second team consists of capable and proficient trainers. Absolute Results works with leading automotive retailing industries of the world, with each of the company’s trainers being veterans of the industry. Every trainer has at least ten years of experience in the senior roles of the vehicle retailing business, so they make perfect teachers when it comes to the training of a retailer’s sales team.

Their professional selling techniques bring change at every level of the retailing process, and the demonstrations and application of the appointment-driven culture lower a dealer’s reliance on sales opportunities within the showroom way before the sale day.

Numerous Absolute Results dealers are located all over the world to help the dealers sell more cars every day using the power of data analytics, deep insight into customer preferences, and an experienced training team.

Absolute Results features:

  • Engage More Customers

    With Absolute Results, car dealerships get the opportunity to engage and connect with more customers with a multi-pronged approach.

  • Data Analytics & Insight

    The marketing and sales process of Absolute Results are based on the evaluation of data analytics and statistical insight to ensure better results.

  • Train Salespeople

    Absolute Results offers a team of experienced and highly skilled trainers that can make a difference for a dealership’s salespeople with their tutoring.

  • Drive Growth

    Highly focused, data-backed, and targeted marketing strategy enables vehicle dealerships to drive their revenue and business growth.


Discover all the possible integrations for Absolute Results

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