Discover all the possible integrations for AutoRaptor

Discover all the possible integrations for AutoRaptor

Connect AutoRaptor with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your AutoRaptor data.

AutoRaptor is a leading customer relationship management system created specifically for auto dealers to capture more leads and drive sales with ease.

An effective CRM system is needed to establish effective communication with clients to build loyal relationships and generate more sales. In this case, AutoRaptor features will be a perfect solution for companies of all sizes that work in the auto dealership industry, as it will help achieve tangible results with ease.

AutoRaptor features are created for desktop and are optimized for mobile users to access all the data needed anywhere at any time. AutoRaptor integration makes it possible to send targeted messages with ease and reach clients for better engagement. It’s possible to add pictures, prices, features, and all the information that will help an agent close a deal. A team can communicate with clients via text messages, phone, or email.

AutoRaptor integration allows a company to communicate with clients in the way they prefer and let them know about new hot offers or to promote other services. With powerful telephony, a business will be able to get a full record of each sales call and access the customer history data to make the communication more effective and personalized. All emails will be sent quickly and automatically to save time on in-person communication. Follow-ups, discounts, new arrivals notifications will be sent according to a chosen schedule to keep customers engaged.

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With AutoRaptor integration, a team can launch effective marketing campaigns, segment clients, send messages, track all responses, and analyze all activities with advanced reports. There are various templates available that a team can use to minimize the time spent on creating emails and messages.

AutoRaptor makes sales management much easier and more convenient. Sales reps will be able to track leads customers, manage appointments, schedule tasks, phone calls, emails from one single dashboard. It will allow a team to easily identify opportunities and tackle them to make more sales as well as to track progress through a sales funnel. A team can see who’s performing better with monthly individual reports and accurate numbers.

A business can automate all routine processes and communication that don’t require the personal attention of sales reps. Powerful automation will allow team members to focus on high-profitable hot leads that can bring revenue. All communication will be highly visible to manage more effectively. All important messages will be delivered automatically, and a team will be able to give more attention to potential buyers.

Since 2007, AutoRaptor CRM has been helping dealers leverage our proven sales process and turn more leads into sales with our simple, intuitive, and powerful web-based lead management software.

AutoRaptor gives dealers powerful features, like automated action plans, texting, license scanner, Sales Rep activity report, and third-party integrations, to improve their sales team’s effectiveness and to focus on high probability leads.

Management can monitor the sales team at a glance and always know which activities are producing the best results. The AutoRaptor Training and Support Team is one of the best in the industry, providing dealers with an added value that they didn’t even realize they needed!

AutoRaptor is affordable for any size dealership, and if used effectively can increase sales.

AutoRaptor integration with LeadsBridge opens access to diverse tools and features that will make the workflow more productive and simple for employees.

AutoRaptor features:

  • Integrations

    A company can seamlessly connect AutoRaptor features with diverse popular tools and features to retain customers and conduct effective marketing activities with ease.

  • Convenient Mobile App

    With a modern mobile app, a team will be able to engage with clients, send messages, and get all lead data even on the go not to lose opportunities.

  • Easy In Use

    The service has a very straightforward interface that is very easy in use. A team will be able to save time and effort while achieving amazing results.


Discover all the possible integrations for AutoRaptor

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